New thought to ponder

Hello all,

I’ve been reading over these forums and don’t believe I’ve seen anything that I’m about to describe. Almost everyone suggests clamping for overall girth and the elusive base girth. My quandary is how does the base girth come about? If the clamp is restricting that area how is growth possible. So I started thinking about it in other terms. Think of water flowing through a hose; without a nozzle it’s slow and steady and with a nozzle there is a lot more pressure and more force at the constricted site along with the rest of the hose. I might be thinking all of this backwards but could the base girth be coming from the increased pressure at the clamp site? And if so why don’t we all rap our members tight with like a thera band and use the same clamping method? Feel free to bury this idea if it’s bad but I was just curious.