Some points with added thought

Due to browsing around on the forums for quite a bit now, there are some points that still aren’t really clear to me,
And I’d like to have some input of the community. I grabbed some theories on the forum, put them together and here it is.

As mentioned in the PE Theory Thread (I believe it was there), someone stated that if you lose your gains, they will come back more easily when you re-start PE-ing.
Since it was only one member stating it, I’d like to know if this is also true for other people.
My thought on this is, say:
You’ve been doing your exercises regularly, see improvements, everything goes nice, BANG! You hit a plateau.
Fully depressed and unhappy you give your penis a last slap and stop the exercises (say for 2 weeks - month).
Now, making the assumption that as what stated above is true, combining it with the decon break, then isn’t it possible to:
1) Reach your plateau in for example, half the time needed as before
2) Since your unit has been deconditioned, can you get PAST your plateau?

Another thing I was thinking about, is that I see that a fair amount of the vets/more experienced members use ADS.
My thought on that came from some logic I picked up during studying mechanics.
If you stretch something, keep on stretching it, you will come to a point where it either doesn’t elongate anymore or snaps/breaks.
Considering that, you also hit a plateau with ADS and (here comes the important part) using my line of thought earlier, adding weight to it
Isn’t going to do anything except cause injury (I took the normal stretching as a reference point for a stressed state).
Thoughts anyone?

Oh and one last thing I’d like to know:
What are the gains made from solely jelqing?(Min, Max, Avg)