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New start questions need help

New start questions need help

OK, so I have started the newbie routine for the past 5 days (2 on 1 off). However, I haven’t been feeling any soreness except a LITTLE bit in my prostate (I hope from the Kegels). Does this mean I am taking the jelqing too lightly?

Also I have a Jes Extender that I was planning to use in conjunction with the routine. My questions were.

1. Am I doing the exercises too lightly? Should I increase either the amount of the intensity of the jelqs which I am currently holding for 2-5 seconds?

2. Should I used the Jes Extender right off the bat in conjunction with the exercises?

3. If so what is a reasonable amount of time to wear it (so as not to over train)

4. I have found that SO FAR I experience heightened sensitivity as well as intense erections, yet I have read elsewhere on this site that it desensitizes most men. However, I am uncut, does this make a difference?

Thank you for your help I would really appreciate it. I think this site is awesome and it’s a really good support system. My gf thinks I am crazy for doing this so I want to shock her over the next year with my results :)

My current stats are 6.5 inches hard and almost 5 inches around (using the measuring techniques listed on this site)
I want my length to match my girth so my goal is 8 x 6. I will constantly update my progress but from the size of some of the monsters on this site I have a long way to go ha ha. Thanks for your help though.


Welcome btamboli,

It is far better to undertrain than overtrain in the beginning.

The fact that your erections are better is key that you are doing things correctly.

If you are following the newbie routine then let it take its course.

Just make sure when you are doing your jelqs, the head of your penis shows signs of blood being pumped in.

It should swell and get a “glossy” look to it then you know you are working it hard enough.

Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.


Sometime in 2005: Bpel 5.7, eg 4.3: 7/15/07 bpel=6.1, eg 4.6

Now bpel 6.50, eg 5.30 bpfsl 6.50

Goal bpel 7.0 - 7.5, eg 5.5

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