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New, question

New, question

So I have been doing PE for about two weeks and I have noticed about a 1/4 inch increase in length and considerably fuller erections. Now I was just curious why I can’t find a credible source on the Internet that says this works? Does anyone have a link to an article written by a doctor?

Great gains matey!

But why are you bothered about getting ‘official’ sanction that it works when you’ve proved to yourself that it obviously does?

I think there is a thread somewhere else on this forum about no commercial enterprise wishing to state these exercises work as they are also potentially very dangerous in the wrong .. Erm .. Hands. Leading to much liability if the injured party sues the sanctioning party.

But you’ll find lots of ‘doctors’ in white coats in all those advertisements for pills that lengthen your penis by 3 zillion miles in a week.

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Archtor, welcome to Thunder and congratulation on your gains.

The main reason I believe this is so is because that P.E does not work for everyone. What I mean by this is, say you get a group of 20 persons, you ask them to perform the P.E exercises. After 3 months or so, you analyze the gains obtained from your subjects. What you will see is, (fictional figures) 30% gained an inch and the others not a lot and some not at all. So, conclusion P.E does not work.

But the thing is, P.E does work for all. The thing is that it takes more time for some than others. Some people gain easily others gain after a lengthy amount of time.


P.S: This is what I believe but I could be wrong.

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Doing a study would be very expensive. You would need a huge sample because results vary a lot. You would have to standardise the treatment, keep it going long enough, like a couple of years, do consistent measurements, replace the dropouts, and follow up later to see whether the gains are permanent. If you average out the results they could be very equivocal because we all get different results and they would be averaged out. Blokes would pull out of the study if they thought they could get better results with different exercise sets. No one would pay for a study like this, because it has nothing to do with selling drugs or climate change.

This is very interesting, I have never thought of it like so. As for I have always wondered why most doctor claims that muscle cannot be worked out.

Great Gains by the way, I hope I can achieve that result in two weeks of time as well!

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