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New member with a question

New member with a question

Hey guys
I finally got to register after many failed attempts

And I have only one question, well at least for now

If one were to jelq for lets say 24 hours
With a 10 minute warm up to start with, and were to have continuous warm up/warm downs every hour
What effect would this have?
If you took 2 days off after?
And if you did this everyday?
All hypothetical questions obviously haha

I don’t know if the questions been asked before I hope not
Any wisdom is appreciated

You would overwork your penis and have some sore hands.

Welcome to Thunder’s CBA!

I think you’d probably kill Mr. Winky, or at least make him very angry!

PE is not about doing everything ASAP. It’s about patience as much as it is about consistency. I know you’re question was hypothetical but still it implies you may be a little over-eager, so I suggest you start where everyone should, with this:

START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

Also, please have a read through our Forum Guidelines

Thanks :)

You would break your penis. Please be very careful and do NOT break your penis!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Imagine how hour legs would feel if you did squats for 24 hours. Now imagine your penis feeling that way.

Well thanks for the answers

I’ve actually been doing just jelqing for awhile and it didn’t seem like the less is more concept was working for me
So I was just wondering
I may be jelqing incorrectly

And yes I am pretty eager ;)

Or perhaps the less is more thang just doesn’t work for you.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Do you mean that I’m to impatient

Or that I need to try something else

If so do you have any suggestions?

That you’re impatient. “It’s a marathon not a sprint”. A very slow marathon, that usually takes years. If you try to go faster you’ll just hurt yourself and it’ll end up taking even longer or you’ll be too damaged to continue.

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