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New here, I pretty much only want girth

New here, I pretty much only want girth

I’m a 20 year old male, I measure in at about 6.8 inches long and 5.2 girth, and uncut.

All I want out of this is .5 inches in girth, and a larger penis head. I don’t want any more length really, as I’m already a cervix slayer.

Whats some beginner exercises that will just increase girth, that also won’t discolor my penis, as I’ve heard happens to jelqers.

Most exercises in regards to girth will discolour girth. To what extend is down to your penis.

Girth exercises:
Dry jelqs
Erect squeezes

Just a few above. But what I would suggest is the newbie routine to get your dick conditioned.

I’m in the same boat as yourself all I want is girth too - and a better flaccis hang.

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Originally Posted by icecam
Most exercises in regards to girth will discolour girth.

That is simply not true. Aggressive girth work can lead to discoloration. It does vary from guy to guy but we can’t say that every guy will get discoloration from the same exercise.

Clamping is not a newbie exercise.

Sfry, just start off slow with the newbie routine and you should be fine. Keep the intensity and force low as you build up your conditioning. I suggest you start off with the linear newbie routine in my signature.

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I didn’t say every guy would I said that most girth exercises would cause somewhat discolourarion to which extend is down to how hard/extreme you do it and to how the penis adapts to said exercise.

Aug 5th 2005: BPEL: 6.5 -- EG: 4.5 (start)

May 16th 2015: BPEL: 8.0 -- EG: 5.25 (present)

Goal: 8.5x5.5

I still disagree. I will agree that some of the intense girth work CAN cause discoloration. I think how you go about it dictates whether it does or does not. I have been following a pretty aggressive and intense routine for over a year. I have pretty fair skin down there. I did not get ANY discoloration from my workouts. It’s okay to have someone err on the side of caution, but saying things like “most exercises in regards to girth WILL discolor girth” is just not true.

Sfry is concerned about discoloration. That means he needs to proceed with caution and condition his penis accordingly. That doesn’t mean that if he does PE for girth he will get discoloration. It’s vital that during his conditioning period he stays away from advanced exercises like clamping and erect squeezes. I understand your point, let’s just try not to scare him away from PE :)

Bottom line sfry, start with the newbie routine!

I will add this as well. There are things like wrapping to fight discoloration, firegoat rolls and a proper warm up and warm down that absolutely combat discoloration. If you PE appropriately and use the information that is available for free on this forum, your chance for injury and discoloration can be minimized.

I’m not saying that you are wrong icecam. This is an open forum after all. We are here to debate and help each other along. ;)

Start off with a basic beginner routine such as jelqing and after a few months move onto squeezes, ulis, etc. If you don’t see any gains from that, then move onto clamping. If you don’t see any gains from that then I don’t know what to do with you :D

Consistent jelqing works. Watch how you jelq being uncut. I’m uncut as well and being a clueless newbie I’ve gained extra foreskin since I first started. Try your best not to stretch the skin. The grip is important if you want to avoid more foreskin. Good luck!

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