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New guy looking to get longer and thicker

Why did you seek out and join a Large Penis Support Group if you thought you had a tiny wang?

Mushroom head, thanks for the info. When I was in high school and college that did happen to me. The one girlfriend I had did corrrect me and tell me that I wasn’t small, she told me that I was okay, so that aided in changing my idea of myself. I have and continue to work on boosting my confidence level. I just want to get a bit bigger and strengthen my erections.

Originally Posted by Xspree
Marinera, thank you. I’ll definately checkout the link.. Tossed Salad, I’m not trolling and what I wrote is the truth.. You might think I’m makeing it up but sadly it’s true.. Women here in westchester ny about 30 to 45 minutes away from NYC suck.. Growing up I was made fun of all my life for being to white looking to be black.. I’m a bi racial guy, my father is white my mother is black. I turned out looking more like him, with lighter skin. My brother is closer to my mother, complexion wise. I was made fun of because I can grow an afro, my brother was and is the one everyone flocked to, he was the one all the girls wanted to be friends with, and some of the guys aswell. It was cool to be friends with the one black guy at school but they weren’t as friendly to me cause I looked white to them.. So no, I’m not a friggin troll, I’m not tryn to make people feel bad. Cause all my life I’ve been told that I’m small. So I know how it feels, I have always been shy and I have always been quite but I gather from your response and from some others thats not the case. So, if you feel offended Tossed Salad in any way thats on you!! It aint on me. I’m telling you and others a lil bit about me and why I am here.. I don’t know you, I don’t know what size you are? So what is the problem with me telling a bit about me and why I am here.. I used to be part of lpsg and that site is cool, they give some helpful penis enlargement info, but some of those guys suggested I join this site because it’s more informative. I got tired of them cause I’m not gay, and it seems the homo/gay men run that frigging site.. I was tired of it!! And it wasn’t informative What is it, because you have over 4,414 posts you are somehow special? Guess what, I’m not a troll, I am here to get bigger, thats it!! What are you here for?


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I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

I joined them because they have a section on increasing your size, I’m one of those idiots who gave my hard earned money to mattersofsize(mike Salvini) thats why I joined them.

Originally Posted by Xspree
I’m new here, I signed up a few years ago but I never got thru, it was a problem on my part. I didn’t click the link in my email…

I’m 28 and I wonder if I’m to old to gain inches in length and in girth.

Under our current rules 26 is the cut off for gaining inches in both length and girth. Remember, it really isn’t possible to make your penis larger. It is only through the the force of our shared delusion that gains happen. Due to our expanding membership we had to place limits on gains to not overwhelm ThunderBot’s ability to channel our collective crazy into penis gains.

However those guidelines didn’t go into effect until mid-09. You are grandfathered in under the old rules wherein no restrictions were placed on age or gains. Congratulations!

Use the link that marinera gave for the best PE routine but don’t let the haters deter you from pursue you dreams of having a non-usable donkey penis!

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Xspree, if you’re not trolling and are actually being serious, then I’ll just say one thing, and I mean it in the nicest way possible:

Your. Penis. Is. Fantastically. Huge.

Really, most people would almost literally kill to have your size. I certainly would do virtually anything for girth like yours. There is not a single woman in the world who would ever have any reason to be even the tiniest bit dissatisfied with your size. A girl who says otherwise is deliberately trying to hurt you.

If you have issues, that’s fine, but none of them could even remotely be objectively associated with your size. Seriously. Pursue the time-consuming and potentially dangerous endeavor that is PE at your own very serious risk if you’d like, but my advice is that you should understand that you are literally bigger than just about anyone you’ll ever meet in your lifetime, and you should instead focus on working out the other issues that have led you here, and have led you to mistakenly believe that you’re anything other than huge.

Ha ha ha.. Very funny iamaru.. To be honest, I did read somewhere that guys in there teens gain the most and guys in there 30’s and up don’t gain as much.. Thats why I posted that question. In hind site maybe I shouldn’t have disclosed so much but well, I thought why not. I guess the best thing I should have said was hi, I’m new here and id like to know whats the best workout regime to get bigger? In future I gather, based on damn near every response to my question, the best thing to do is to don’t ask any questions. I have never seen so many mean spirited/hateful responses in my life?

Thanks outsider.. But I’m gonna stick with that link that one of the posters sent me. I figure I’ve been masterbateing most of my life and doing this will be an extension to that, so, why not.

Xpree, could you use paragraph when posting? You know, like : this is a sentence.

This is the next sentence.

Ok? :)

I think more than haters, they are ironic. 6.8” girth is probably too big for many women. I’m not kidding. If you want to add length, than that can be ok at a point. But more girth, think twice. Of course, your penis is just yours.

But be aware of this trick : the penis enlargment info is free here. The penis reduction info costs $1,000,000. That’s how astute the guy who runs this site is.

Originally Posted by Xspree
In future I gather, based on damn near every response to my question, the best thing to do is to don’t ask any questions. I have never seen so many mean spirited/hateful responses in my life?

Either you measured wrong or your living in some sort of parallel universe!

Mean spirited and hateful replies? It’s more like a few jokes based on the fact that it sounds like your making it all up, it really does look like your a troll, it’s nothing personal.

6.8 inches girth is VERY VERY rare, it’s almost impossible for guys to be naturally bigger than you. It’s the fact that you think your small and claim that women have said so is what makes it hard to take you seriously.
If what your saying IS true, then take these “mean spirited” replies as compliments and enjoy your huge penis.

How is it that all your life people have told you that your small, it’s not like you walk around naked. And what’s with the whole race issue? Do you live in a black only area or something? why is it such a issue? Do you hate looking more white than black? Why is that a problem? Why is that related to your big penis?

I have a feeling that getting your penis bigger will not solve any of your problems. From what I can tell, your saying you have self confidence problems with women and your basically jealous of your brother, do you think that getting a massive penis will help you be better than your brother? It’s all in the mind, that’s where it all starts, focus on gaining more confidence and the women will come to you.

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As others already told you, you have a big dick, really thick one. If someone told you it’s small that person is an *****.

Plenty of guys here got a big penis but wants more and that is fine. As long as you are aware of the fact that your dick already is big and your girth is huge.

If you wish for a bigger penis I wish you good luck and be careful in the beginning, don’t look for fast ways to gains. I did that to, it does not work like that. It takes time but it‘s worth it.


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PE works and this site is for any that want to get larger, no matter what their starting size. Give one of the newbie routines a try if you want bigger. Length gains are much easier than girth which is good in your case.

I would suggest that you completely separate the topics of doing PE and feeling small at 7x6.8 inches.

Originally Posted by Xspree
I have never seen so many mean spirited/hateful responses in my life?

This from a guy that has been told his 7x6.8 penis is dinky? :rolleyes: Right.

Body dysmorphia is a funny thing. You can feel small no matter what your size. But if you have hunted up this site as well as LPSG and others no way you don’t know intellectually you are freaky chubby.

Your girth is such that the vast majority of women would have problems. Most would simply decline having sex unless you are seriously skilled in both psychology and pre-intercourse.

Originally Posted by Xspree
All my life I always thought I was small, and women have told me so. I’ve only had one girlfriend b4 and about 3 fuck buddies.

The idea that at least 1/2 of the women you have been with made comments to the effect that you are small is about as likely as winning the lottery. Even more so for even being able to have intercourse with all 4 of them.

Six inches girth is enough that many women will comment on it, and ask you to be careful. Get to 6.4 and many will change their mind on sex unless you have already established that you are skilled and out and out say, “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you!”

Do be aware that your style of communication makes a number of troll flags pop up for those experienced in the interwebs. You are already at 7”s in length; the long term goal for many of the guys that start out at average or less. Your girth is larger than all but out girth fetishists would even want.

Your writing and the fact that you can use a computer to get here is indicative that you are not stooopid. Given that, it is disingenuous at best to portray hurt and surprise at some of the responses you have received. Keep posting as you have been and you will continue to get as you have gotten.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

6.8 girth and women have told you you are small? That should literally mean the women you mess around with have messed around with guys with soda can girth and TV universal remote length and all size queens. Im with Avantasia. This guy is a T-R-O-L-L.

Have you considered radical penis enlargement?

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