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New, But Ready


Originally Posted by jayranner1

Good, good, more for me and you.

What’s this supposed to mean?

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Originally Posted by Biggy_wang
Ok, I have done 3 total newbie exercises thus far, started on the 10th.(2 days on -1 off -1 on so far)
Is my penis supposed to look or feel any different post PE workout?
I don’t really feel anything to be honest.
It looks a little larger flaccid , but that’s it.
Just want to know from the Vet’s what kind of of feeling I am supposed to get following a workout.
I have seen pics of guys who just got done jelqing and their dicks looked pumped looking.
Mine does not.
I don’t know If I am doing anything wrong.
I just kind of feel like I should be getting something *more*out of my PE workout.
Please help Guy’s.
Thanks, BW

Some people feel nothing but gain. Others like you already mentioned feel a little tired down there and see an bigger flaccid and increased vein age. Looks to me you felt in the first category.

Be patient with the newbie routine. One of the first signs you’re doing the right thing is noticing a heavier flaccid hang. As you keep doing the routine you’ll notice it hang heavier for longer periods after every session.

Remember, it takes some guys months just to see an 1/8 of an inch gain while others will gain faster. Nobody can tell where you will fit on the spectrum.

Remember that the first gains are usually the easiest and most dramatic after which you will hit a plateau. Nobody can tell how much you will gain before that happens.

Remember that if you stop after seeing the first gains you will lose some of it without what’s called cementing gains. You could gain an inch but if you stop you will lose perhaps as much as half of it so you will have only gained about a half incher permanently. This is why it’s important to compensate for this by overshooting your goals by 1/4 to half an inch so.

Remember to always respect your penis and realize that while it’s very tough in some ways, it’s very delicate in others. Pain is bad and a signal to your body to stop whatever you’re doing. The best healing for a penis is to do nothing with it and just let it heal itself (never go back to that Torquemada hanger you’ve invented and never hang or do traction while asleep. You’re lucky to still have a penis).

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