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anyone had nerve damage +2months? Support


anyone had nerve damage +2months? Support

The urologist told me I have dorsal nerve injury and to wait a little more while until a second diagnosis to see what happens. My next visit is in three and a half weeks. I can see things slowly getting better, and I’m really emphasizing slowly. He said letting it be for the next months will be the best cure, and six months or more may be probable for the area under my glans to restore itself from it’s.. plastic-y/ faint sensation state to it’s previous state.

Just looking from input from guys who had to wait around for while (+2 months or so) for their condition to get better, maybe a short summary on their experience. It’s just one aspect of my life, but I have seen my usual happy state go down sometimes thinking about it. Melodramatic, yes, but going to the urinals isn’t just the same without my buddy in former fashion.

Good luck with the gains guys, and definitely, be safe.

Clarencerock, could you remind us what caused your injury?

I am glad to hear it’s progressing, albeit slowly. But that is nerve regeneration/repair. Try to concentrate and be thankful that it *is* improving and that it’s going to be 100% in some time!

More info, please Clarence.

How does it feel, exactly? Sorry if you’ve posted this before. Guess I should have done a search…..

ALso….I’m a sleazy (enough) one, and therefore your urinals reference has got me really intrigued……I’d be really interested in the details….maybe best by Personal Message??

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

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IMHO you need to rest. I had an injury about a year ago where I ruptured a disk in my neck. I had pain shooting down my arm and had my tricep begin to shrivel up despite good lifting workouts at the gym. The Dr. diagnosed it and said that I had nerve damage. However, he also told me that the nerves would most likely grow back and that they grow about 1 inch per month (I with my pud would grow like that!!!). He was right. After about 1 year I am back to normal. I wouldn’t expect your recovery to take as long because there is a shorter distance of nerve to regenerate. In any case, I would lay off completely until you are healed.

Good luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

One inch a month… that sounds very encouraging

Well what happened was one night I had this bright idea to stretch using the power jelq on the sides. I wrapped my buddy in cloth and tried to get as close to the middle as possible, avoiding the glans. I guess it slipped at times orwhatnot, and looking back I definitely applied too much pressure (you can sometimes get way out of hand with the power jelq, and not even know it) Well I thought i would make it an all night stretch routine with no jelq, so I guess i did six repetitions that way. I hadn’t stretched that much in a while, and I thought the way I felt that night was normal. But the next day I realized I had really overdone it, when my buddy felt really really zapped. All in all, it’s gotten better in the last month. My head feels great, it’s just the dorsal area under it that lack sensation/feeling, but I can tell it will be getting better. But let me tell you, it’s so tough to lay off PE for so long. But i’m resisting at all costs.

About the bathroom thing, I just find it strange that the area that has no sensation while erect is very sensitve while flaccid. It might be because my skin has been nice and lotioned up lately, but I find it very odd. It feels sorta rubbery, yet still with sensation. Very hard to explain.

Anyway,one inch a month in regeneration has me very hopeful. Who knows , we’ll see. More time for reading in the night I guess, instead of PEing.

Thanks for the words guys. Good luck and all that jazz.

This just jumped into my head all of a sudden.

I have gone through the old messages in the board very thoroughly of late, and have noticed that people often recommend to go to the doc/urologist, like I have, if complications did not seem to get any better.

Has anyone ever gotten advice besides leave it alone and rest? If so, I would be very interested to hear what advice that was from the doctor. Medicine, some kind of special massage?

I spoke with a neurobiologist recently and put some questions to him. Apparently, in a healthy human, nerves regenerate at about 1mm/day (or 25 days/inch).

Just thought someone might be interested.

This might sound stupid but I was happy to read about your injury because it sounds very similar to mine. About four mounts ago I was doing my exercises with the Power Jelqer during which at a surthen time I squeezed it right beneath the head so I could pull for lengthening excersises. In retrospect I probably squeezed to hard and was left (beginning after 1 to 2 days with a tinteling feeling right beneath my head (the feeling is comparable to the feeling of frozen fingers or ears coming back to live again). I did went to the Urologist who told my that it was most likely nerve damage (most likely because they only come to this conclusion by ruling everything else out). He told me it could take up to a month before it fully recovered and advised my not to jelq or anything else. He also advised my to take 400 IU of vitamin E because recent studies showed that this helps with penis pains. Aldo things are getting better it is still not gone. The healing looks like a saw going up and down while on average getting better. Could you tell me what your exact symptoms are and do you have seen any visible changes ?


Nerve damage

Is it always characterized by numbness or a pain?

When you damage the nerve are you bruising it? Pinching it? Or even killing it completely?

If you are killing it how does it grow back? The reason I ask this is a friend does Muy Thai kick boxing and he claims he kills the nerves in the shins doing all that crazy ass shit. So is an absense of tramua like hitting these boards or poles allow the nerve to try and come back?

Is there like a whole ton of nerves in the dick? Or is it the dorsal region is most easily harmed?

Any medical opinions on this would be great! Thanks! TT

I had the same tingling feeling for the next two days also. I had never had them before, and I thought they meant growth or something like that. At the time, I thought I would be better in a couple of days. Wishful Thinking.

To tell you exactly how my guy looks and feels like:

The underside of my guy has one distinct pink line. Almost as if someone took a highlighter and marked it out. That showed up after the injury. Also, bruises are there that have not cleared, and sometimes new ones seem to be there, although it might be my imagination. To be blunt, my underside looks like a warzone, between the blotches and bruises and pink lines. In terms of look, I have not seen much visible change.

While flaccid, like i said, the area tingles to the feeling of touch. I think this is because the small amount of skin i gained after two or so days of foreskin restoration.

For instance, If i take lubrication such as vitamin E, and apply it, I have the same sensation as i used to. However, once i become erect, the area becomes sensation-less and very dull to the feeling of the hand. Upon the erection, the area feels very plastic-y, and not like human skin at all. I can feel a faint feeling now, after a month, but this faint feeling goes up somedays, and seems to go down others, although less frequently. Kind of like the saw you described.

I thought this would screw up sex with my girlfriend, or blowjobs, but I have not noticed a difference. This fact is encouraging. I can only notice it to the touch of my own hand.

The only reason this is so frustrating is because it used to be a favorite part of my guy. Let’s say i became aroused a girl, there would be a tingling sensation against my boxers, as corny as that sounds. That feeling is pretty much gone.

I know everyone is different, but how far has your recooperation gone? From the second day after, to four months later. I know one month later, I have gone from a zero in that particular area to maybe a one or one point five, on a scale of one to ten. Yes, it feels like it might be a long time. But i’m willing to hang in with it.

It’s good to know there’s someone out there in this situation, like you said, even though I would never wish it upon someone.

Whenever i start up again, I will probably need the future title of “Most Cautious PEer.. Ever”

A couple of questions for you, JJJ

Is the area that you damaged the glans itself, or the area underside the glans, or maybe somewhere else??

When you damaged it, was it void of most feeling for at least a week, and maybe week(s).

If you had to take a guess, are you halfway to your previous state in recovery, almost there, not quite?

Did you ever do the IU of vitamin E? Would that be painful at all?

I guess you might be able to say we’re brothers in dorsal penile injury. A true bond of friendship, if you ask me.

Don’t worry. Let it heal. I had the same problem. I didn’t even touch it for ten days. I was fine in about 8 days. Just threw a couple more just to be sure. Hot water followed immediately by cold water in my unit really helped. Eat a lot of protein, walnuts and almonds. Drink green tea with ginseng and get adequate sleep. You ll be fine in no time

I’m having this problem now. I have been seriously getting bummed out about it. It’s been about 3 weeks since I even noticed it had set in. I stopped all PE immediately. I feel like I should see the urologist or neurologist, but based on what everyone else has said, they say just to leave it alone and give it time. I don’t notice any numbness until I get very erect and then it’s underneath kindof. Hard to describe. The head is less sensitive too. At first I thought this was good because I thought I was too sensitive and would cum kinda quickly, but now I realize it really sucks. I can still get hard and cum but it’s just disturbing to say the least. Hopefully it will get better with time. I get these weird kind of “achy” feelings in it at times too, level 1-2/10, just enough to know it’s there and think about it. I just hope it isn’t permanent.

Nerves take time. You can still visit a doc or/and get informed about how to help restore nerves.
Maybe cremes or supplements are available.

I wouldnt put any strong pressure on it at all. masturbate over a different location
And rather keep warm then cold.

As said nerves can take time in months…

3 weeks is not much for a substantial nerve damage to improve considerably.

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