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Negative Affects of Turkey Neck

Negative Affects of Turkey Neck

So.during my jelqing sessions I often suffer from turkey neck due to excess skin at the bottom of the shaft. I’ve heard of people mentioning you can get stretch marks, or that the skin might build up excessively and create an affect similar to when fat people lose hundreds of pounds and have loose excess skin.

What are the facts about turkey neck? And what are ways to prevent it? After enough jelqing sessions it should gradually go away right?

Turkey neck is who you are, lol. Well I don’t know per say but I wanted to post on your thread because no one else has seemed to. But my only suggestion is that to try the “search”.oh and also in the “members pics” there is a thread about turkey neck so I would find it and maybe it has useful information towards you.. Good luck! ;D


Just gently hold your balls down while jerking off (thus stretching the skin below your dick, the on responsible for the turkey neck) and the skin will grow fast, removing the turkey neck over time.

Of course, you’d use one hand cupping around your balls (staying at that position / not moving up for the whole time) and the other one to get an erection going.


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There is a surgical procedure to eliminate turkey neck if you are interested.

Originally Posted by gprent

There is a surgical procedure to eliminate turkey neck if you are interested.

Yeah I’ve looked into this. My TN is pretty bad and I also have low hangers which causes alot of skin to bunch up down there. My thinking on this procedure is to wait until it’s a bit more common. I live in L.A. and it’s a popular thing for old rich men (and Hollywood agents) to get a scrotum reduction. Apparently Tim Allen, Robert Redford and Nick Nolte have all had this procedure. But do I really want a scalpel going down there? Hmmm.

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