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need some advice

need some advice

Heres the problem, I need to get it off my chest. I been doing PE since january. I started with the newbie routine and was consistent for 3 months. I probaly gained about a .25 inch on girth and length but mostly from better erection quality. I started hanging after 3 months, i was hanging for about a month and a half no problem. Did everything by the book, i stuck with5 pounds the first month and increased sets for 4 weeks until i was gettinv about 10 hours a week. I didnt notice gains yet except that my flaccid was looking good and my bpfsl went up another .25 inch so I was assuming some good gains was around the corner. I made the mistake of using my trimmers without the guard to get a close shave one day and nicked the bottom of my shaft. I took a week off from hanging and came back thinking it was healed. Opened up after the second day so i took off two weeks and came back same problem. I took another 2 weeks off and gave up on the hanging and just jelqed and pumped to recondition the skin and it not opening up but it gets red there like if i use anymore force it would. Im getting pissed over here because my progress is slowing down and I want to get back to hanging soon. I want to avoid any exercises that avoid strecting the skin until the end of the month and do the newbie routine for a month before I start hanging again. I would like to know what exercises i can do to keep making progress without stretching the skin too much. Jelqing isnt too bad it isnt opening up but it might be slowing down the healing process. I refuae to take anymore time off. Any ideas? I was thinking about clamping but would that affect my length gains if I do that for the rest of the month? Any ideas would be appreciated

I think i found the solution to my problem and would like some advice on the best way to start a safe routine. I want to do this for the rest of the month, it looks like a good exercise Manual squeezes. I guess people have different definitions of it here so I will explain. The exercise Im talking about is where you get hard and squeeze at the base and hold for 30 seconds or a minute. MI would like to know how I should go about doing these. How many sets a day should I start with and work up too?. I understand everyone is different and I would have to keep a eye on my PI. Im just trying to get a idea. Im the more is more kind of guy

I think they are ULI’s, or manual clamping. Start for a number of sets to reach a total of minutes, than add 1 or 2 minutes per week untill you reach a total of 15-20 minutes under pressure. Frequency should be every other day or 2 on/1 off at most.

Alright thanks for the help. You left out the minutes I should start with. Should I take breaks between sets or do them back to back switching hands?

Oh right. 5 minutes for starting; if you are able to do 5 minutes straight without pause go for it, otherwise take pauses as needed. Don’t grip with mad force, you could be surprised knowing how tight your hands can grip - some report a stronger pressure with hands than with cable clamps. Try a reverse grip too, some people find it better.

Appreciate the help man.

No problem. I confess I have not really understood your problem: is a cut on the skin or something? With manual stretch you aren’t supposed to pull the skin; vac hangers also don’t pull the skin.Those could be alternatives to hanging with a cable-style hanger. Just saying.

I broke skin when i was shaving. Nothing serious about the size of a needle and when i did anything that stretched the skin it was opening up.

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