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Need Help To Gain Length

Need Help To Gain Length

I have been doing PE for about 3 weeks and am only looking to gain length to start. After I reach my initial length goal I will focus on the girth. I am looking for help on what is the proper exercises and a routine that will focus on the length gain only to start. I also would like to know if my goals are realistic and if anyone with similar stats has reached this goal and how long it took.


BPEL = 7.1” EG = 5.7”


BPEL = 8.0 EG = 6.0”

I don’t think too many people here will be able to help, as all you need are dedication, consistency, and knowledge. Try Stevie’s Favorites and then ask questions.


Those are realistic goals. What works for some doesn’t work for everyone. I’ve had no success with jelqing, as far as length goes, although jelqing is great for overall penis health. My moderate length gains have come with hanging and ADS. Persistence is a key. There is a ton of info at your fingertips here.

Just do the newbie routine and go from there, your goal expectation is something you will have to encounter. Time and work make any goal possible.

I would also recommend you start with the newbie routine and especially focus on the stretching part of it. I personally recommend a good warm-up and cooling-down phase.

Good luck !

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