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Need help gaining length.


ty crazy

I have been searching, and for some reason I still can’t find any type of tunica exercizes. I only know about stretching upwards , and I don’t seem to feel anything at any level of intensity. If you could post a keyword of a type of exercize that involves stretching the tunica, it would help. Thank you for your efforts though crazy.

Hey no problem,
Aided inverted v stretch
V stretch
Uli #3
Wet/Dry jelqs
Stretches in all directions (look for LOT)
BTC stretch
Jai Stretch
Golf Weights (check out B.G.’s thread)
Therma wrap (check out B.G.’s thread) “never let it turtle”
Ads (static stretcher, penismaster, your own custom design, these are pricey however)
Hanging, Tunica/Ligs (many different styles, try looking for Bib’s first)

Really there is just too much information to bring up here, just spend a good 3 hours and look for it. You’ll find what your searching for and then some.

Good Luck!


Have you got any real tips yet bro?? I myself, am in the same exact boat.. Girth seems to come, and come pretty damn quick. However, gaining length has been a thorn in my side.. Sometimes it seems as if the girth training helps my length, although it doesn’t last, I’m not consistent either. It works for me though.. I’m worried that I may be over training. Nonetheless though, HAVE you RECEIVED ANY TIPS THAT WORK YET?


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