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Need advice

Need advice


So I have been lurking these pages for a while but just recently decided to take part in PE. I have never done anything to attempt to increase the length or girth. I was wondering what you guys would advise me to do? Is increasing girth before length more important or vice verse? Should I begin with Jelqing or buy an extender? If so, which kind would you guys suggest?


Not a bad post, just another in the new crop of “lurking-here-and-not-unfamiliar-with-PE-newbies-who need to know where to start. Am I just getting curmudgeonly and impatient, or do those types seem more prevalent?

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Fast answering your question the rest is up to you, start length then girth, do the newbie routine which includes jelqing, good luck and good gains

Start BPEL 5.5 EG 5.2 09-20-2011

GOAL 7x6 - on a 5'5 guy it will look huge

There are plenty of ways to spend your money on devices and accessories and plenty of ways to invest your time with exercises.

In the end however, your gonna find that PE is a bit different for every one … In fact for some it is a great deal different.

Start witht eh newbie routine and switch from “lurker-status” to “active participant status”.

With the right level of attention and experimentation you will soon be able to understand what is gonna work best for you.

With consistency and attention you will see progress towards your goal

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Current: 7.50 BPEL, 6.00 MEG

Goal: 8.50 BPEL 6.50 MEG

Sleepy has given you a link list of all the important newbie threads. Take more than just a look.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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