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My unit confuses the hell out of me.

My unit confuses the hell out of me.

Alright well about 2 - 3 weeks ago I decided to take a complete break from masturbating and almost anything with my dick all together. This being because of an on going injury in the past couple of months blah blah blah same old shit. Well I have beat off once every week I have taken off and each time it hurts a little when I ejaculate and the top left side of my penis gets real sensitive. Right under the glands/top of the shaft on the bottom and left side of my unit is where I can feel it. I have been trying to heat my penis to help the healing process, which has been going pretty well, but this past week has been a different story. This last week my penis has hung, or not hung for that fact, very short and all wrinkled up. It has almost felt numb to me. I guess the best way I can describe it is pretty much my penis looked and felt “sick”. I noticed a little tint of blue/purple on the head of my penis. It felt like the blood flow to my dick just turned off and I honestly out loud called my dick pathetic (it might of cock slapped me if it wasn’t so sick). Well to help my insecurities out I broke my porn detox, got a pretty good wood, and beat off about 13 minutes ago (which inspired me to write this). When I ejaculated it hurt a little bit in the same area, but not as bad, noticeable tho. My unit feels pretty good right now (no pain) but I won’t be surprised if it hurts a little tomorrow. My plan is to take this next week completely off again, with the exception of heat, and see if my penis isn’t good to go on Saturday. I really want to start my PE up again. Any advice, comments, or if anyone could explain some of the things I have been going through.

Things I feel I have been doing wrong:
1. Not enough water! I am in college and don’t drink near as much liquids as I should.
2. Bad eating habits. Again, I am in college and although I am pretty good with my meals during the week, the weekends kill me = 1 very unhealthy meal and tons of beer every Friday and Saturday.
3. Smoking? I am not a smoker by any means, but I do smoke pot (1-4x a week) and I smoke a couple black and milds during the week. Is that significant enough to affect me unit?
4. For the past week and a half I have been a lazy piece of shit and haven’t got around to doing any real workouts (besides a couple days of lifting). I feel like I’m getting out of shape and I hate it. My penis feels like it’s getting out of shape too.

None of these factors are extreme, it’s just minor changes in my normal life since college started a month and a half ago.

Things I feel I have done right:
1. Come to and whine about my problems.

ANY advice will be great.

If the body isn’t healthy, the little guy isn’t healthy. Your tool can be an indicator of general health. You should take care of your whole problem.

Now… Things you should and will do right: Take care of yourself, ask for advice if necesary but act!

You do right letting the poor guy rest for a week or two, don’t force it. If the pain/blue hue continues, I encourage you to go visit a doctor.

Good luck with your unit

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