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whose unit is between my legs


whose unit is between my legs

I tried my friends, compatriots, and idols. I did not want to send in a message because of doubt. As a general rule if something sounds too good to be true; it is. This PE of ours is an exception. I tried it and I cannot deny the results any longer. It really is a shock when I look at my unit and go, damn, just damn. I have gained about an inch in two months, but to do this I do think working out throughout the day is necessary.

I do basically the standard routine, but this is my favorite exercise that I developed.
Its about like reeling in a big fish, or pumping a well, I suppose. Start with some meat in your unit and kegel and jelq till your knob swells then grab the nob and use it as a handle. Pull hard up, then while maintaining pressure sweep your stretched unit down the lot, going from 12 to 6. Put your other hand on the underside of your pole when you are at six and kegel hard and trap the blood in your member. Now it is like reeling in the big fish. you need to pull up to stretch the tunica, but in a smooth motion; keep pressure constant as you work your lot back to 12. You should really be able to feel it in the tunica. Do about ten or fifteen, then shake out your unit and do two more sets. I try to combine JAI’s and jelking in this exercise, and the results are grand. however, I wonder if I have sufficiently explained it; if this thread progresses perhaps a better understanding will result.

PS. I have a girlfriend that I have not seen since I started and still won’t see for another 2 months, oh the smile on my face. This is going to be a merry Christmas gift for her, I tell you.

joeyjojo, shabbadoo

Man I don’t understand a word you just typed man! But your special man! your special! Sorry just reminiscing about a movie line, seriously though I don’t understand the exercise but that might just mean that I’m so fuckin sleepy I can’t comprehend what you were typing. I think I might have a sleeping disorder. Oh well, welcome to the forums!

1 inch in 2 months? gees I better give your exercise a go. If only I knew what you were talking about, lol. Do you mean to get your dick semi-hard when doing it? Do you mean to pull your dick outwards as if stretching, then whilst maintaining that pull outwards, directing the pull in a smooth swinging motion up and down? Do you do any kegels during this motion?

I bet you can’t wait to see the look on your gf’s face. What would be really great is if you didn’t let her see it, keeping it under the covers until you put it inside her. She would be wondering why she was feeling it so much more, but not able to undertand why. That would be great, you acting as if nothing was different, whilst she was baffled, lol. Or letting her see it before sex, but acting as if nothing had changed. Her being amazed, saying your dick is bigger and you pretending she was going mad. lol

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

What was your starting BPEL?

Any girth work?

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG


Ya gotta explain this better dude,cause yaeither had a tiny tim when you started or you found the holy grail of PE.


(I try to indent my paragraphs and the tab key just moves the cursor, its annoying.) But no I was not tiny I was pushing 7 BPEL now I am pushing 8. Its not a holy grail, nothing is—well except for the one the french already have. What works for one will not work for another; goes an old PE axiom. I will write out some instructions for this though, but I will need to think about it make them as clear as possible.

BTW- my LOT went up when I was doing this exercise. I had only done straight down stretching until I noticed a loss of erection angle. I Gained with the straight down method, but only a bit. Today I checked my LOT and it was over 9, it had dropped to 8 about a month ago. So I am very optimistic about my routine, but that it is all it is, my routine, what works for me. Its your unit experiment and find what works best.

joeyjojojunior shabbadoo

When you say you “grab the knob and use it as a handle” you don’t mean pulling directly on the glans do you? Isn’t that supposed to be a surefire way to get nerve damage?

"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."

-Bertrand Russell

Alright I am going to make like an investment banker and make my best efforts.

1) Have a partial erection and do a power dry jelq then grab immediately behind your glans. The glans should be swollen should make somewhat of a handle; think the nob at the thin end of a baseball bat.

2) start at 12 o’clock and slowly work down to six while keeping your unit stretched. I like to do small circles as I work it down, because it feels like a better stretch.

3) put your free hand between your sac and your Johnson—when your Johnson is at 6 o’clock— and kegel. put your free hand as if you were to do a jelq then pull straight up nice and slow and smoothly. Think A-stretch, but you work up the length of your Johnson. you should trap blood as you work up and feel a good girth effect towards the tip of your unit. Also you should feel a really nice stretch behind your balls, which I assume is the tunica.

4) shake out and do a set of ten, three times.

I hope that is clear, i re-read the instructions and did a few of them to make sure I am describing it right. I like this one as it feels like a good all around exercise. I equated it with reeling in a big fish, because of the fluid motion used to pull up. When you’re fishing you point the rod at the water then reel in and pull up. I don’t know; it just reminded me of that. And no pressure is directly on the glans, more right behind it. However, you can feel the glans expand because of the pressure put on it, but I think it is just working the head. Is this better, or should I reiterate?

And I leave you with some inspiration from the master, “Kids, Kids. You tried and you failed miserably. So the lesson to be learned is: never try.” —H. Simpson

joeyjojojunior shabbadoo


Congratulations on your gain. How much time per day are you spending doing PE? It doesn’t sound like it takes all day.


welcome aboard.

The free hand, is that palms up or down?

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Its palm up.

I try to do at leat an hour a day.
Yesterday I did a little too much and I don’t think I used enough heat, but I am the biggest idiot ever.

i tried it and i got a pretty damn good tunica stretch from it. im going to incorporate it into my routine slightly and increase the volume of my workout as my dick becomes more conditioned. thx by the way! nice contribution!i wish i was that creative…

This is the second person to report great progress with this type of stretching routine(up and down with small circles) in the last few weeks.

Congratulations on your quick progress! I don’t think you should act like she’s going nuts like some have suggested, but be sure to report back her reaction to your new unit. :D

Congratulations, Joey on your success and gains. I would not say anything to that girlfriend of yours, surprise her with your love making and then give her the credit of exciting you so much that your dick enlarged because of seeing her and having her to make love again.

What do you think, PE dude. Good luck. Enjoy.

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