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My story and routine

My story and routine

Hello all, this is my first post ever on this site and first off I wanted to thank you all for creating such a helpful site and for the great info and support but to also apologize for the long post I’m creating.

I recently 4 months ago stumbled upon this site and read up on the basics and started the newbie routine immediately, which I still use as a foundation for my current routine. Prior to that, I had read something about stretching, which I did every once in a while inconsistency for a year. At that point my dick was about 5.8 BPEL and about 4.5 EG. I am a young guy (23) but have been with over a handful of women that were all very satisfied with having sex with me, and I was able to make all of them cum multiple times, many saying I was the best they’ve had. I knew I wasn’t big, maybe above or below average, but was confident with how I used it.

This all changed when my ex at 17 would say to me, and others who we were hanging out with at the time that I had the smallest dick she had ever seen. This of course created an insecurity for me, and I developed EXTREME performance anxiety, which I have even to this day making it incredibly hard to get and maintain an erection with a new partner the first few times.

Since starting that 4 months ago I have had pretty good newbie gains. I am now at 7.1 FSL, 6.8 el (same as bone pressed since I’m a skinny guy) and 5.2 EG.

My routine is 2 days on and 1 day off, where on my off day if I’m not too sore and can get a solid erection, consists of light stretches and jelqs.

My main routine is 30 mins of hot wrap followed by light stretches 15 sec in all directions, followed by firm 30 second stretches in all directions, working my way up to 45 sec, 60 sec, and 90 sec each increasing in pressure, then ending the stretches doing 3 60 second stretches using my free wrist as a fulcrum for bent stretches.

I then do wet jelqs at 50-70% erection with sets of 60 reps, 45 reps, 30 reps, 20 reps, and 10 reps increasing pressure with each set

Next I do head jelqs using a hand with the ok grip at the base in the same numbers as the wet jelqs, switching hands every set. To finish my session, I do erect squeezes and edging up to 20 mins to get my best friend used to this increased blood flow and size. Please any comments, suggestions, questions, or replies to my routine or how to fix my performance anxiety would be greatly appreciated.. And also, I’m considering purchasing a bathmate water pump and or bib hanger to add to my current routine.

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