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My story and goals

My story and goals

Well, it’s been about a month now, and I guess I’m constant enough in my routine this time (Unlike the last 2 times I tried this a couple years ago.) so this thread is mostly just for me to put my goals out there and give me extra motivation to stick to it, though I’m already one to never quit or give up. (To not contradict what I just said, I guess sometimes it takes 3 years to make it work!)

So, my story. Going on my second year of college, and all during High School it was the standard stuff. Didn’t get out much, didn’t try to hard, felt like crap about my body in general for 4 years and so on. I guess I just needed to find the right girl

Well, in the last year I did. And we’ve been together for 2 years now. She’s MORE than happy with what I’m packing, and honestly told me that she’d be afraid if I was any bigger. She’s 5’3” herself, so she doesn’t feel she’s big enough to compete..

However, she’s now gone college abroad, and will be gone for 11 months each year for the next four years. She left June 17th and it’s been a pain to say the least.

There was an incident a few weeks before she left though, typical girls slumber party and everyone talked about the size of their man. My girl, having never measured, thinking I was big enough already, and being a horrible guesser.said I was 5 inches—while the rest of her friends lied about their guy saying 7+ on all of them (I know them all, there’s no way in hell.) but needless to say when she confessed it made me feel like total junk all over again. So that was when I committed mentally to this place, and figured I would start when she left.

I want her to come back next June and recoil when she sees the newly improved guy : )

Specs: I started at just a smidgen over 5.75 inches, and a smidgen under 4.5 girth. I have goals in two stages, 6.5 length and 5 girth is the minimum goal I want to hit. I took ‘before’ pics so when I reach them, I can post it. Depending on how long it takes to get there, I may stop after I hit those and see what she feels. My maximum goal is 7.1 x 5.75. Still not overly massive, but she IS afraid of the thing as it is, so I know I really don’t need to do PE if I didn’t want to.

I’m just being a good boy and doing the newbie routine for 3 months. I didn’t want to measure anything until those 3 months were over. Though, it was late last night and the guy looked slightly larger than I expected. I forgot about not wanting to measure and stuck a ruler to him. It’s been 2-3 weeks, but a nice .25 inch length has decided to show up already, putting me slightly over 6.

To anyone who's unsure or a non believer. I was. I’m not anymore, I just gotta look down. It’s hardly been any time either, and I’m sure once you see any sort of gain, all doubt will go out the window and be replaced by drive. Sadly for me, I have a limit which is now within an inch.To all the guys who remember what it felt to see proof of their work paying off, yeah.I was there last night. It’s a good feeling isn’t it? I’m already a happier person lol

Anyway. I wanted to thank you all, and put my head up on a target so I can keep by it, and help any new guys coming in as well. Sorry for the long read, this is mostly for me. Keep gaining strong!

That would be the best present for your girl for when she gets back, im sure she’ll love it! And about not believing in till i saw results, well yea i was in the same boat. I hope everything works out with you two, being away that long im sure is SO hard. Good luck and keep up the hard work.

Great encouraging post mate. Good luck and keep up the gains!

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