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My pe story

My pe story

Well guys I feel its time to tell my pe story. It began in fall of 1999, I was a fresh graduate from highschool, now living in my college dorm. I met a girl on campus, who to begin with was out of league. Meaning that she wasn’t the normal type I dated. She was about 5’8, 150, well proportioned, and had a little “thug” her, in other words she could through down in the bedroom, which I found out later. After dating her for while we became intimate, needless to say we were like two wild rabbits. I just didnt feel like I could satisfy her, I kept slipping out, and just didnt feel like I filled her up when I went in. I got the feeling I wasnt doing a good job from just the expressions on her face I just didnt feel like a man. I kept at it, and I think I was actually good at sometimes, I learned a few things. I learned that girls like it fast a good portion of the time, I have to warm them up, and do other things to them while penetrating them, all this was new to me, she was my second girl, second experience total. I started to do research on how to make my penis bigger on the web in my dorm room. That when I came across pumps. I readily bought one and starved for like a month, all in pursuit for a bigger penis. I measured before I started pumping and I was 6nbp & 4.75eg. Every part of my body was built except my penis. This was when I realized I wasnt as big as I thought I was. I got to pumping, over did it sometimes, but got the hang of it. I noticed that after a pump session and I went over there to do it, she like it more, I filled her up more, she came, this was a great feeling for me. I pumped almost everyday after that.

Well I left that school and moved back home the following year, 2000. By that time I was still 6 nbp but I was 5.0eg, yippie. I did more research and came across the grip which I readily bought. It actually worked pretty descent but the weight limited me, and it kept slipping off, bye bye grip. I was 6.25nbp by the end of the grip days. I then wandered around for a couple years until I came across the This was like 3 years later. During that time I mostly just pumped right before I was about to get some. Those 3 years were my adventure days, I tried every race of women because I was curious, those days were fun. The forum introduced me to the big hanger. At the time the big starter was not available so I bought the original. Man o man was that a hard device to get the hang of it, but I did. Got lots of stretch out of it, it brought me all the way up to 6.75nbp, girth stayed the same at 5inches. Then there was the big hype was the penis stretcher and the powerjelq, I bought both of them. I think I used the penis stretcher twice but I used the powerjelq quite a bit, and it brought me up to 5.25eg. Finally BiB announced the bib starter which I also bought and used extensively, but I was very comfortable with hanging, I just could never get it right. Through fiddling with it, I got up to hanging around 15lbs and my length shot up to 7.25el, girth still at 5.25. Then I got injured, man o man was I mad. I got a thrombosed vein from hanging, had to stop all pe completely for like 4-6 months. This made me give up hanging all together.

Now its 2004, after my long lay off, I decided to start again b/c I wasnt about to give up just yet. I measured, this was in January, I measured in 6.75 el & 5 eg. This was the first time I set a goal for myself. I wanted to be 7.5 el & 5.5 eg, not to bad. The only thing I could do was jelq, no hanging. I theorized a way of working out similar to how I train my muscles. I would focus on intensity and low volume. The only way I could increase intensity without volume would to be a modified version of the erect jelq. I read and read ofcourse that they were bad for you, so I was very careful. Basically this is how it goes. When I woke up in the morning with an erection, I would pull my forskin all the way back to the base and wrap with a cloth, measuring about 8in by 2in. Then I would wrap over that with theraband, measuing about 12in by 1 in. The pulled back foreskin was below the wrap, this was all while erect still. I made sure to wrap tight enough that when I erection subsided the wrap would serve as a lock for the blood flow. The only way blood could get in was if I pulled the wrap to the base and kegeled some blood in. Now after the erection when down, below the wrap was soft, but above the shaft was filled with blood. I then got an ok grip, palms up, and I jelqed to about .5 inch of my head. Then I pulled the wrap back down, maybe kegeled some more blood back in to where the penis was filled to capacity and then I jelqed again. I did a total of 10 reps, thats it. I couldnt take anymore, this was very very intense, I felt like the interior of my shaft was expanding, kinda scary to see it happening. I worked on this schedule for 5 days a week or so, sometime 6, I went by feel. Now I started this routine the 3rd week of jan. it is now march and I measure in now at 7.25el & 5.75eg. I can no longer fully grip my shaft. I cant really even believe what is going on, I feel like im in a dream but im not. One more thing after every workout I usually hit the shower and run hot water over my shaft for about 10mins, to get some deep heat treatment. That is all I have been doing.

Well guys this is my total story, I have surpassed by girth goals, I want to stop but I cant, I think im gonna go for 6in eg, at the rate im going I will have that very very soon. But I will be patient and not rush it, listen to my body and focus. Most important stay dedicated, give the body rest, it is very important.
If you guys want pics of how I have my shaft set up I could take some for you before a workout. This is what works me, it may not work for you, it is by no ways easy or even comfortable, but it works I cant deny it. Im looking forward to my next victim, that will tackle my 6inch girth beef stick.

Great story and great gains, thanks for sharing

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Extreme Uli jelqing… Mercy…

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Yes it is sort of extreme, you have to be carefull, but so far all is well

Keep the good workout, and you’ll be a 8”x6” very soon! :)


So you use the theraband as a tourniquet basicaly? Then jelq with it at the base of your cock?

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I love the details of your PE history. Thanks for sharing the past, present and your future goals. Good luck. For your girth gains, you may want to go back to some pumping. It’s been a regular part of my PE life and is responsible for most of the 2” girth gains I’ve achieved permanently.


randolf——Basically that is what im doing. The goal is to expand the corpus cavernosum with every jelq, keeping in mind not to over expand it in one session.

ToshkoiMEX——Thanks for the encouragement.

peforeal——I definitely will be getting back with my pumping. I am trying to figure out once i’ve reached my girth goal, how i can maintain my gain. I think that pumping will be the method of choice.

Can you post some pics

of the entire sequence?


No problem, they will be up tommorrow being that today is a rest day

Curious, since it doesn’t sound like you’ve done anything that would specifically target base girth, are you getting any type of a baseball bat effect from this, or are you able to get the wrap very very close to your pubic bone?

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

So, it seems very interesting…
you say you do only 10 reps of this and that’s all?
Let me understand better…
05 inch in two months is great!!!

Anyway I tryed tonight some similar
and seems very good.
It’s the first time I see my head so big and engorged
with blood. I put my hand on the middle, squeezed completely
on it and forced all the blood towards the head.
When I arrived under the head, I put the other
hand to the base to have more compression.
Result: completely different from the usual.
Seems you gived us a very good idea.
Let’s talk about more, bro!
Maybe to have growth, the head must be very filled
with blood??? And the stretch must be very deep???
Let’s talk….


Maybe to have growth, the head must be very filled
with blood??? And the stretch must be very deep???

Uh huh. This applies to all aspects of pe…

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Pictures ready yet?

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