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My recent results

My recent results

I’m on my 5th month, of PE. I have not measured since Dec, 04. My starting measures were 6.75BPEL X 5.00EG, on Nov, 04, on a very good day. Remeasured in December, got 7.00BPEL X 5.2 EG, about an inch below my glans, with about 5.35EG at the base

Lately I have been only hitting girth, since my EL was not as much of a concern as EG. My new measurements are BPEL 7.4 x 5.25-5.3 , just behing the glans, and 5.5 base girth, I am very happy with my gains, as I am only 5 months into P.E.

Since I began, Tao, jelqs, Ulis , and SSJ, my girth has taken off, post workout, I can barely get my hands around to jelq, gone to a thumb, and two fingers, for pressure. My glads have skyrocketed, with this routine, last measurement was 5.8 to 6.0 (Glans)

I will try to work on some pics.

This stuff is great, I am presently on a 5on 1 off, for 2 weeks, followed by 3on 1 off for the next 2 weeks. Workout last 1hr and 15 with warm-up.

Nothing succeeds like success. Keep up the good work.

Congratulations !

Thanks for the encouragement. One question, can you effectively jelq if you can not get your hand entirely around the base. Also I’ve been noticing a little fluid build up, where my circ scar ends and my shaft begins. I have two large veins that go right across this section, ita a little tender to the touch, but not painful, or hard.

Great gains Jim, keep up the good work, your gonna make 1 special lady very happy with that tool! Or perhaps 10 lucky ladies lol.

started jan 05 5.5X4.5 3-01-05 5.75x5 4-01-05 5.9X5 5-01-05 6.0x5

Another good story success :)

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