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My purple head. help please

My purple head. help please

I got my penimaster yesterday when I got home from work. The max amount of time I was able to keep it on was about 15 minutes! The problem is the shape and/or size of my bell end, I think! Maybe there isnt a problem!! You see the thing is my bell end turns very slightly purple and gets a little cold to the touch. As I have read on this site that aint good but I just can’t clamp the old chap in there without this happening. It doesnt seem to be the clamping part because if I strap him down as hard as possible he is fine. It’s only when I attach the clamp into the arms and stretch him that this happens! I guess you have got to allow for this kind of thing considering you are clamping your dick into something but what I want to know if is there is an exceptable level of this or should it not happen at all? Maybe I am just a big girl and should stop complaining. Any other penimaster users want to describe there sensations when locked and loaded!

Try medical tape as a wrap.

When I use my ADS (not a penismaster, but same concept) I plan for that. Right after I shower, I put a little hand lotion on the shaft and glans. After that has thoroughly absorbed, I towel off any excess and wrap the stretched shaft to about 2” behind the glans with medical tape. The adhesive will keep the wrap from slipping off (with some practice) and the additional material will keep the strap from cutting off your circulation.

The brand tape I use is a 3M product called “Nexcare” and it is waterproof. It is stretchy, pliable, thick (spongy) and does not stick too hard to delicate skin. If you do it right, you should be able to wear the ADS as long as you want with very little discomfort. I wear mine from 8-14 hours a day. I can take off the ADS when I use the restroom and I do not have to reapply the tape because I do not put it on too tight. Urine passes just fine and then I reapply the ADS and go my merry way.

You need to experiment a little to find what will work for you. ADS devices are great for PE because they allow you to take advantage of your greatest PE ally…TIME.

Make it work for you, it is worth it.

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"Debate the idea..."

Thanks goonbaby. Couldn’t get hold of any nexcare but I bought some regular micropore tape. Rapped it around a few times then doubled it back on it’s self to kind of make the outside layer sticky as well. It’s working a treat! 30 minutes still going strong!

Yeah, my head’ll turn purple and cold too. Just massage it a bit, warm it up with a warm wrap. I haven’t found there to be any negative effects yet but it doesn’t hurt to be safe. Remember… safety first!

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I think if that happened to me I would start freaking out.

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