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Redness on penis head not going away

Redness on penis head not going away

This thread would probably fit better in the Injury/Treatment section but I’m not allowed to post in there yet. I first posted here almost two months ago with a problem I had with what I thought was slight capillary bruising; slight bruising…please reply if you can!!

You don’t have to read the link if you don’t want to, I was feeling scared when I wrote it and it might not make sense, so I’ll clarify the situation:

Basically, while I was doing the jelq exercises I saw one of the “warning” red dots on the head of my penis but instead of stopping like usual, I foolishly continued exercising. I was horrified to see that instead of a small dot, there was now a red blotch about the size of a penny on the head. After I gave it two weeks to try to heal, and with no results I went to see my doctor. It was very embarassing; I admitted to doing jelqing exercises, only to give my doctor a better idea of what damage I may have caused. The doctor said it’s nothing to be worried about- just that i burst a few capillaties or something and that it should clear up in about a month.

Well, it didn’t clear up in a month, so I called my doctor and was told that there is nothing to speed up the healing process and to give it another few weeks.

So here I am now, two months later, and the redness on my penis head is still there, and I’m trying to figure out what to do next. It’s not severe, it doesn’t hurt; it’s only slightly sensitive, but my dick still works fine. The redness just makes me feel uncomfortable knowing that it’s not going away…and it gets tingly once in a while.

Here’s my main question- After I saw the red blotch on my dick, I stopped masturbating, and when I saw the doctor and was told that it wasn’t a big deal I started masturbating again. Not a lot, I really tried not to, but I still ended up jerking off probably 2 or 3 times a week. I kicked myself for it last month and have only done it once since then. Was the masturbating preventing things from healing down there? The reason I ask is that when the blotch first showed up, it was on the RIGHT side of my head. Since then, the redness on the right side disappeared, and now there’s just redness covering the MIDDLE. It seems like it’s been shifting from one side to the other since it happened. It is darker right above the “ridge” of where the head is, and right above the hole. Was masturbating creating more stress in where the blood was flowing through the burst capillary and it damaged the ones next to it, so the redness spread to different parts? (sorry if this sounds confusing, I’m trying hard to explain the best I can) Any comments?

Also, sometimes when I got done masturbating I would look down there and try to “assess the damage” and I would see light pink “warning” dots amongst the redness. Does this illustrate that things are trying to heal and that I’m causing more stress to the area? I also noticed that sometimes once I got done it seemed that it was a more brighter red, mroe flared up in a certain area(s). Whether it really was more red, or just me making it seem worse I can’t be sure…maybe a little of both.

And now I’m left with the question of what to do now-
I’m going to stop masturbating for a while, regardless of whether or not it is for sure causing more damage and/or preventing things from healing. I don’t want to take any chances, even though this isn’t a very serious injury to the penis compared to ones other members have had that I’ve seen through searches on here. bottom line: i want to get rid of the red discoloration and things to heal so I can start PEing again.
I PMed gprent101 about this (thank you, by the way) and he was surprised that this redness is still there, and that it shouldn’t last this long. he suggested doing hot wraps and massages to try to stimulate healthy blood flow into the area to flush out the discoloration which is trapped blood cells. I’m going to start doing this a couple times a day and see if it helps. Does anybody have experience in this or any comments on if it would help?
I’ve given this more than enoguh time to heal…but I’m going to continue stop masturbating, and try the hot wraps and massages for a few weeks and see if it improves. But I’m already feeling doubtful as it has been 3 months and planning on seeing a doctor again. But should I see my regular doctor or a specialist? And would that specialist be a urologist - is that the one that deals with penises? I mean, I trust my regular doctor and she (that’s right “she”, which only made that appointment more awkward) is very smart, but I don’t think she really knows too much about burst blood capillaries through jelqing. Any thoughts on this?
And if I see the doctor/urologist, how do I explain the situation and try to present it so it’s less embarassing?

I’m getting so frustrated over here. I’m also dealing with tendinitis in my shoulders and knees due to overdoing lifting in the weight room. Lifting was such a big part of how I spent my time, everything just sucks lately, i have went from getting huge to doing these retarded rotater-cuff strengthening exercises with a soup can. Very demoralizing…but I’m getting better and stronger, I’ll be able to lift again soon. It just sucks because I’m 20 years old sitting here with a bad shoulder, a bad knee, and then I went and added a bad dick to my list of body parts I fucked up. I’m learing a lot about overworking my body, the hard way. Please guys, be careful what you do to your penises…you only get one, and it’s better to do too little than to do too much and hurt yourself.
You think you’re pretty cool, things are going your way, and then you decide it won’t hurt to ignore the warnings your body gives you. Next thing you know and you’ll be like me two months ago- sitting in the doctor’s office, explaining to a 60 year-old lady that you bruised your dick trying to make it bigger like a fucking idiot. God damn.

My dad is going to buy a digital camera soon, and I’m thinking about using it to post a picture on here to give you guys a better idea of what I’m dealing with. Again, it’s not severe or anything, but I want to get this thing resolved. If anyone has any comments and could answer some/all of the questions i have pretty, pretty please post it! I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

-Sorry this post was so long, i really needed to talk about it :) gprent101 also wrote to me “you can also start a new thread and get ideas from the whole group. Bruising and discoloration is something we all have to be on the lookout for and there are lots of good ideas out there to control it.” So that was why I decided to write this all down, and maybe some poeple can help me out, and hopefully others can learn from my situation.

One more thing- I’m not sure how many experienced PEers visit the newbie forum, and since I’m not allowed to post in the other forums yet, if anybody knows somebody that has info on this issue please ask them to read this. :)

New Guy,

Don’t get down on yourself yeah you messed up your shoulder, knee and penis but as long as you treat them all right you will be healed and learn from your mistakes.

I’m not sure how much of a consolation this will be but I have some spots on my glans that basically came from what you describe except I never noticed them till i was done working out. I was horrified and almost went to the Dr but instead just laid off the PE and let them heal. It took quite a while and they are still there except now they almost look like a freckle that has faded away to almost nothing. I’m sure no lady would ever notice them but I do and they remind me exactly what you said- you only get one penis.

If it is still there in a month after laing of PE and masturbation and there is still some tingling associated I would definitely go see a urologist. Yes it will be embarrassing but you need to tell them exactly what happened if you don’t they might not be able to properly diagnose what is going on. Heck who knows maybe the urologist will ask you about it and mention PE to patients who come in asking about surgery. Also remember Dr’s see a lot of crazy stuff and I’m sure on degree of embarrassment a urologist has seen things 100 times more embarrassing, maybe even that day.

Thanks for your reply, stubby. Sorry to hear about your spots, but that’s good that you laid off the PE and they’re just little freckles now. How long did it take for them to heal up? And isn’t 3 months kind of a long time for my thing to heal, something that my doctor wasn’t concerned about? Something about this just makes me uneasy.

Does anyone know if the massages would help things circulate down there or if it would aggravate it more?

And is a urologist the type of doctor I would want to see about this?

Dermatologist would be more like it - but chances are he will say the same thing your other doc did. Every PE’er I have ever heard of who went to a dermatologist walked away empty handed - and were rewarded with a nice bout of longterm discoloration.

Here’s what I think: Do whatever you can by way of research and proactive self-treatment to resolve this - now. I say this because to simply allow the problem to persist and leave your fate to chance is not good enough.

My concern would be that the blood trapped under your skin becomes something that can be referred to as a “traumatic tattoo”. This essentially amounts to iron deposits from blood leaching onto the shallow layer of tissue just beneath your skin to leave a blemish that might fade, but might also - like a tattoo - remain permanent.

I’m not trying to scare you, but the truth is this is a very real problem that afflicts PE’ers - and like all such afflictions it stands less of a chance of becoming a long-term problem if it is immediately dealt with. Frankly, I believe in most cases skin discoloration would affect far fewer guys if they made it a priority to treat it right away instead of wishing for the best.

How to treat it? I would begin by thinking of it as a fresh bruise and treat it as such. Although it might be too late for this you might consider applying cold compresses to the area, maybe using ice - being sure NOT to let the ice itself contact your skin (place a thin cloth material, or a piece of sandwich wrap between the ice and your flesh). But be careful not to go too cold for too long - freezing delicate nerve endings is probably not a great idea.
Like I said, it might be too late for this to have any effect, but because your discoloration is red in hue and not blue/black it might still be attacked as a fresh trauma.

Also, get yourself some water soluble Arnica gel from a health store - GNC sells a good one (avoid oil and wax based ones). You want one that is made with an Arnica extract, as this is said to be stronger. Apply the gel, making sure to thoroughly rub it into the afflicted area. Do it religiously a few times a day.

Arnica genuinely works for new bruises - but will be useless if used on one of these trauma tattoos that has been left to settle in and become permanent - so try to get it happening soon.

Also, increasing your intake of vitamin C may help, as this is understood to help prevent bruising.

Interestingly, the fact that this blemish can “move” from one area to another is a hopeful sign. It says that this problem has not yet settled in. Have you considered trying to massage or “rake” this pool of blood away?
It is possible that such an approach, when used in conjunction with something like an Arnica gel might help disburse it - in effect, spread it out so that it can be more easily washed away by your body’s natural ability to do just that.

All of the above suggestions are just that: Suggestions. If you feel at all uncomfortable trying any of these ideas - don’t do it. I can’t stress that enough. It’s your unit and therefor your responsibility to keep it healthy. All anyone here can do is provide suggestions and encouragement.

Above all, do your homework, here and on the net. Look into how people treat persistent bruises. You have a pool of blood trapped under your skin and it doesn’t have to stay there. Your body doesn’t want it there - so think of ways to get your body’s natural immune system to work towards flushing it out.

If I sound unsure of how to deal with this it is because I am. Very little has been done to successfully treat discoloration - so I’m convinced it is something best approached from a position of prevention. Since you are already beyond prevention, you should next attack the problem as a fresh skin trauma - before it becomes a long term, or permanent blemish.

What a Drag. I guess it was better being me today.

I’ve gotten those little pimply red spots before from masturbating and sometimes just from a good romp with the lil’ woman.
This site is actually the only place I’ve ever seen or heard it mentioned. I used to think it was something more serious than what they actually are.

What I’m thinking in your case, is when was the last time you pinched your hand / finger with something and wound up with one of those nasty little “blood blister” things? Took a long time to work its way to the surface and heal didn’t it. Well not to say this is the same thing, but I imagine it’s quite similar. Just gonna take time, and yea I would see a urologist also (he’s the dick specialist) just to make sure things are OK. I wouldn’t worry to much about the bruised ego. Heck he might even know about something we haven’t heard of yet.

I’m also wondering if one of the supplements designed for faster healing and or cell growth issues such as Lysine might be able to help you cut down on the time needed for it to heal. Some of the other guys around here more experienced with them maybe able to give you some suggestions. Even antibiotics sometimes will clear up skin blemishes.

Indeed you only get one dick, so in this case you might want to lighten up a bit on your best friend there.
If you “have to” stroke it, try and find a way that doesn’t contact the injury at all. Otherwise just give it time to heal.
Hmmm… never thought I’d be telling another guy how to jerk off.

Thank you very much, guys, your replies were helpful.

Captnhook- the arnica gel sounds like a good idea, is it safe to use down there?

I’m going to go buy some right now, and I’ll try using that along with massaging it to try to “rake” theh blemish away, like you suggested. What you said about how the redness moved from the right to the middle shows that the problem hasn’t settled in is hopeful is what I thought, too.

Just to be safe I’m still going to make an appointment with a urologist or dermatologist in a week, but until then I’ll try the massages and arnica gel to see if that clears things up.

I’ll post a picture in about a week when we get our digital camera to give you guys a better idea of what it looks like. I think I make it sounds worse than what it is. OK, thanks again guys, I’m off to GNC.

I’m just curious but didn’t the doctor(s) make any tests on you?

Originally Posted by new guy
Captnhook- the arnica gel sounds like a good idea, is it safe to use down there?

Perfectly safe. It’s intended for external use only, so try not to drink the stuff. :)

Originally Posted by new guy
Thanks for your reply, stubby. Sorry to hear about your spots, but that’s good that you laid off the PE and they’re just little freckles now. How long did it take for them to heal up? And isn’t 3 months kind of a long time for my thing to heal, something that my doctor wasn’t concerned about? Something about this just makes me uneasy.

Does anyone know if the massages would help things circulate down there or if it would aggravate it more?

And is a urologist the type of doctor I would want to see about this?

Yeah, the spots suck but they are so barely noticeable they don’t make my penis look bad at all, in fact I am probably the only one that notices so they only serve as a reminder not to overdo things.

I saw the healing happening but it probably took good 3-4 months for them to fade down to where they are now. With your situation if you have not seen any improvements after 3 months I would definitely see a specialist especially if there is any tingling in that area. It’s a good thing you are concerned- better to be overly concerned about your penis’ health than not concerned enough.

I think for me the hot wraps an massages helped.

good luck.


Hey NG, I can totally relate to your situation. Although my initial red spot was caused by the type of lotion I was using it put me out of action for a few weeks and of course it took me a while to figure out that it was the lotion causing the problem.

Sounds like from the other posts here you have a decent small list of things to try. I would simply say be careful hang in there and remain positive and proactive.

In addition to the ice or cold pack the Captn recommended maybe an anti-inflammatory might help a little. I usually go with ibuprofen.

Part of the reason I can totally relate is your other injuries. I have a 2 week old shoulder strain and a 2 and a half month old knee injury. The shoulder is a slight strain and is now back to 90%, another week of rehab/light weights and I am going to be back to using the same weights I was. My knee is another story and I think my usual time off and ice/ibuprofen didn’t work and then when I eased back into running it re-injured it and then I was off on a vicious cycle of time off-start back w/ pain-time off. I have been swimming instead and I think its getting better but I fear it will be with me for a long time to come.

As far as those injuries I would simply say don’t rush them and you will be better off in the long run. 2 or 3 or even 4 weeks of nothing or rehab type movements is better than the alternative which could be months of injuries or even a permanent joint problem.

Good luck, nem

Originally Posted by stubby
I think for me the hot wraps an massages helped.

So, you applied heat to these spots Stubbs? Interesting. I came across a silly site that included a number of techniques for quickly removing “hickeys” - those assinine love marks some people go around sporting on their necks as a sign that they got some play - and several people swore by heat as a way to fade them. Some used a hair dryer - directly aiming the heat on the spot for about ten minutes. Conversely, others insisted that applying a cold spoon to the blemish - a spoon that had spent some time in a freezer - worked. To be sure, the thought of placing an ice cold spoon on your unit has little appeal - ouch - but you never know.

What interested me about these odd home remedies is that “hickeys” are nothing but contusions caused not by direct external trauma, but by forcing blood to become trapped under the skin in a similar fashion as PE’ers do. Obviously the chronic cases of spotting and discoloration PE’ers suffer is due to repeated injury to the same area - over and over. Were someone to repeatedly give a “hickey” on the same spot everyday for a month the likelihood of a serious, longterm skin discoloration is all but guaranteed.

This is why I think treating the problem immediately is so important - we must learn to somehow manage and balance these inevitable skin problems with the necessary intensity required to gain.

Originally Posted by stubby

I think for me the hot wraps an massages helped.

I totally agree with this. Nice set of warm wraps, followed by “massaging” (rubbing really) the effected skin between my thumb and forefinger really helped a lot. Repeat a few times and then finish off with a Vitamin E massage. I can’t say that the Vit E really helped with the discolouration, but certainly did help with moisturising after the warm wraps.


well, to be honest I can’t even tell if there are signs of improvement anymore. Since the last time that I posted I used the hot wraps and I *think* it was looking better, but again, I can’t tell. I also couldn’t make it more that two weeks without masturbating. I just got off the phone with my doctor and he said that there is no way to help it heal and just to give it more time. I’m just kind of frustrated and worried because something that was only supposed to take a month to heal is now well into four months :( . He also said, to my relief, that masturbating doesn’t prevent it from healing. Whew! Maybe it just appeared to be worse when I got done or something. I could have swornd that it did look worse, but ok. But this is also coming from the doctor that said this should have healed in a month. Again, I am getting frustrated over here, I really want to get back to PEing. Maybe if masturbating doesn’t hurt it worse, some light stretching and jelqing wouldn’t hurt, either? I don’t know if I want to risk it. Should I just continue with the hot wraps and a light massage? I haven’t done them for a week or two now, I was just feeling depressed and “it’s never going to get better” kind of feeling. Also, I couldn’t get a hold of any Arnica gel, my GNC didn’t sell it, and neither did the target or cub pharmacy. Thank you, guys.

I’m going to take some pictures probably this weekend and post them so you guys can see what’s going on. I’d do it now, but the auto-focus on the digital camera is screwed up and my brother needs to fix it. Please post any comments or anything that can help.

One more thing, currently there are lighter pink spots among the patch of redness, is this a promising sign that things are healing? My pictures are kind of crappy, and I don’t know if you can see them or not, but they almost look like the little “warning” dots from over-intensive jelqing. If this is the case, then wouldn’t masturbating make it worse since it’s putting more pressure in that area?

I guess if my doctor isn’t worried about it, why should I be, but I am…

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