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My Problem

My Problem

Re-started the newbie routine after a 6 month break but this time rushed myself way to much, after 4 week’s I was already on 3 on 1 off routine, this amongst regular sexual intercourse with my girlfriend (10+ times a week).

Needless to say it all become to much for member, struggled to get it up even with porn/naked girlfriend infront of me although I felt really horny and had the urge to shag.

I read up on the symptoms on here and found that I need to rest up, I have been doing so for two weeks now and have been able to get back into having sex and can get an erection over porn but noway near the strength of what it was after a week of P.E of so.

Whats my next step ?

Shall I get back into a light 1 on 1 off routine?
Continue to rest until the erection’s are as strong as before (if thats possible)?
Stop having sex for my rest period?

I’m stumped as to how I should tackle this, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you masturbate during/after your routine or are the only times you “go” with your girlfriend?

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I had a similar problem. I was very busy with school and did not masturbate or have sex for about 4 months or so. All of a sudden things happen with a girl and my penis is non-responsive. Basically I freaked out. In my mind, after that first time, I was SO WORRIED that it was going to happen again, that it did. For the next couple of months it was a crap shoot as to whether or not I was going to be able to get it up. And this is Pre-PE, so I know it was all in my head. If you know it’s not a mental blockage, (once it happens once you could be so worried about it.) you could perhaps try doing some kegels, they should increase your erection quality, and are very safe.

Superh00ps, go back to 1 on and 1 off. See what happens and if you can, better don’t masturbate at all. +10 times a week is nice sex, but it’s stressful for your unit. Try and put some nutrients that bust your testosterone, it’s going to help for sure!

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Thanks for the help guys

I think I may approach it with a cautious 1 on 1 off routine, but I’m gonna rest it up a few days longer.

I’ll be cutting out the masturbation completely and try and calm down ever so slightly on the sex front, haven’t had the courage to tell my girlfriend that I need to rest my unit a bit more cause of PE.

It’s a strange feeling cause I PE’d about 8 months ago at a time where I need no girlfriend or past sexual experience so it was all just casual masturbation, during that 2 month PE stint I was getting some serious wood so I know I can get there just gonna have to be patient and more determined this time.

Starting again stats will arrive shortly

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