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Penis Problem

Penis Problem

First I will apologize if anything in this post sounds stupid or if I am making a fool of myself, but this is really screwing with my head because I don’t know if I have a problem, or if it’s all psychological, or what’s going on.
Anyways, I am young. Only 18 and am having erection problems.

I am a virgin, oral as well, and it’s been a while since I’ve even made out with a girl or anything like that. It’s not that I am shy I just don’t really set my mind on getting with and screwing as many girls as possible. While everyone’s taking advantage of the drunk girls at parties, I’m usually stealing their beer or playing whatever instrument I can find in the house.
The problem is my erection’s are pretty sub-par. This has been going on way before I started PEing so that is not the problem. They are rarely rock hard or very hard at all. I can get up to what is seemingly 100%, but it really feels like what would be about 70-80%. It also does not last very long after I ejaculate. I also rarely to never wake up with morning wood (not sure if that’s relevant or not, I’m just trying not to leave anything out). Actually a few months ago I had a problem one day where I couldn’t even get hard at all. I stopped masturbating for 2 days then I caught sight of some porn and Schwing. I didn’t even have to touch myself and I was harder than ever. That lasted for 3 days and then back to what I’m at now. I also thought it might be that I masturbate too often so I have cut it down to about 3 days a week, or even less I try and only masturbate on the break day in the Newbie Routine. That also has not helped.

Sometimes I think that it may also be that I’m not really into porn anymore, or that it doesn’t do it for me since I haven’t been intimate with a girl.

The last thing that makes me wonder is I have this pain sort of next to my penis right around where the curve meets the scrotum. I can’t pinpoint the exact location because I have felt around and never really hit that spot where a pain suddenly becomes sharp or excruciating. I can sometimes feel it flaccid, but I almost always feel it when I’m hard. I also have a urination problem I started noticing where I have much more left over than I used to. What was just a few drops when I was done now will sometimes be an Ok bit. Or ill shake and walk away and suddenly feel like I have to pee again then run back to the toilet and only a tiny bit, maybe a few drops, or a small quick stream will come out. I went to the doctor about the pain and told him about the urination problem. At the time I thought the pain was in my scrotum, and that I may have a hernia so he examined me, sent me to someone to ultrasound my testicles and they came up with nothing. He ruled it a pulled muscle, but this had been going on for about a month before I went to the doctor and now 3-4 months after. Possibly longer. They also gave me a blood test to check for Diabetes, but they called me and told me the test came back clear, and there was really no need for the urine test they were also looking to do. I am thinking of going back and asking for a full examination, but I wanted to hear what you all thought first.

It is possible that I have just always had erections like this, but I really doubt it. I don’t remember having rock hard erection’s all the time, but I do remember starting to notice that they were weaker.

A little about myself that may be relevant. I don’t do any drugs at all. I take some medication, only allergy medication in Fall, Spring, and Summer if they bother me. I drink alcohol only on the weekends and not every weekend, but most of them. Usually 40’s or Natty. Rarely liquor. I workout as much as possible, but I have been having some sleeping problems lately which have caused me to miss gym time because I’ll be up all night, then be too tired to go in the morning, sleep most of the day, then be too tired after I sleep to go at night. Not sure what else to include so ask away.

Once again, I apologize if any of this is immature or not relevant. Just a worried kid.

I don’t think your question is immature at all; I’m _not_ a medical doctor, but pain, discomfort and frequent poor urination need more medical evaluation and specific exams; those are indeed some symptoms for a urinary tract infection (according to…ns/page3_em.htm ), so I only advice you to consult a good urologist as soon as possible.

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In my opinion,

You might have a minor urinary infection, drink a lot of water and see a doctor. But for your erection issue I believe you are just in a period of your life you are not very horny, it happens even at 18 years of age. Find some one you like and it will pass.

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