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My NEW first thread

My NEW first thread

Hey guys I’m not really new to PE but I had a long break from it.

I think I’m here for about an year or 2 but I never really practiced my PE for more than 1 week (so I can’t really complain =D ).

Few days ago I “got myself” a new girlfriend and I think that after such long time with no GF’s, she’s gonna be here for quite some time.

We didn’t have sex yet but I’m worried cause I think I’m not gonna be at my best: I finish quite fast and my penis, in my opinion, is not enough.

Now I’m about 16-18 cm length which is about 6.3” - 7.1” (measurements were a little bit rough to determine) and 12-13 cm girth which is 4.7” - 5.1”.

I understand that my measures are quite “normal” and I want to make it “normal ++”.

I want to get to 7.1” - 7.9” length and at least 5.9” girth.

I know my demands are quite high but I’m determined to get there.

One other problem is that my penis has a lil bend to the left (which takes out a few cm from the real length), as I understand before people here also had bends and it was fixed a bit cause of PEing.

I really hope to get there someday.

If you guys have some ideas, or suggestions I would love to hear (or read) them.


Welcome back. Please review the Forum Guidelines regarding posting style.

Your penis is normal, if not above normal. Thinking you have a problem will probably give you one. The first thing you should do is realize this and correct that mindset.

Your goals are reasonable, just don’t be in a hurry. PE takes time. You cannot rush it.

Very few people have corrected curves with PE, IMO. You might make it less prominent, but a complete fix is probably not going to happen.

Good luck!

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