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My history with PE


Originally Posted by nickdeerhunter
Just a quick introduction to a guy who has worked with PE off and mostly on for 15 years

I started with a penis that hung about 4 inches and almost reached 6 inches with a bit of cheating fully erect and curving the tape measure around the penis to the pee hole.

For several years I just spent about 15 minutes a day in a single stall bathroom at work with a one foot ruler and a few 100 strong tugs

After several weeks I noticed that I definitely was progressing very slowly but surely down the ruler, enough so that I knew it was not my imagination or faulty measuring since I used the same method every time — goal was to prove to myself that penis was indeed as I had read here and there could be lengthened as all tissues of the body can be but needing a lot more effort to lengthen the tendons in the penis.

I spent several years doing this every day and finally got to about 7 inches fully erect. There was absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the penis could be lengthened — but I could easily compute that the effort was going to be monumental to get up to a truly long penis — years and more intense stretching routines than what I had been doing.

Then here is where I discovered the sites, specifically this one that supported what I had discovered on my own. More in next installment.

I Get From This That He Is Only 7” Erect, But That His Goal Is 10.5”..
Maybe I’m Just Reading It Different, But That’s My Take.

“And the rest is fantastic reassurance that indeed with someone like myself who is not averse to very, very long term exercises, that a much longer penis is attainable. More later on specifics. (Not to be too suspenseful here, but let me hint at final status — 10.5 inches)”

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What happened, thought we were gonna get the gold ticket. For the low low price of only $$$.

Then 01/15/08 EBPL: 6.25 EG 5.10 Now 10/05/09 EBPL 7.75 EG 5.25 Girth work for 103 days.

New Short Term Goal: EBPL 8.0 EG 5.5 Lifetime goal 9x6.5 PE log and journal


Now you have frightened him off before he could share the next installment.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

My history with PE part 4

I promised to give a bit of detail on the routines that I found most beneficial (speaking of penis growth of course). Described below are four of the routines that I nar rowed down to from a long list of potentials. These seemed from the intensity of the routine and damage control efficacy that these were okay to use long term. And of course in long term I mean years and years of use.

Routine 1 Crossed arm pull — retract the foreskin and clean and powder it for traction—encircle with right hand outfacing grip behind the corona and tighten your grip—move left hand under the outstretched (bending the right towards the left) cock and back up with grip on top of the right wrist. Now you can move left arm up and right hand downward to get a nice tug on the dick base. You can do a bunch of these as startups, but it won’t do much good on a longer than average dick as mine got to be when I finally had to abandon this one.

Routine 2 Twisted pull — This is a fairly simple routine that seems to have helped me straighten an overly upcurved hard dick. Twist the powdered penis around at least 1 and half twists and preferably 2 or 3 complete twists while maintaining firm grip on the dick head. Then you can pull with the grip hand or use a pull with that hand coupled with a push on the lower body of your dick with other hand. This is a clumsy feeling maneuver but I believe is at least partly responsible for my dick being almost arrow straight rather than bow curved.

Routine 3 Foot stretch — This is a very powerful stretch as it uses the leg muscles. Grab the dick head (powdered of course) while you are seated or lying down and slightly stretch out in front of body. Now using other hand, grab ankle of the opposing leg (left if you have dick in right hand) and pull towards your abdomen so that you can place the instep of that (bare of course) foot firmly on the dick body then let loose and use straightening of the leg as much as you can to get a very intense stretching to your dick. Careful with this one since the leg power might exceed the breaking point of the ligament attachments of your dick.

Routine 4 Hand heel stretch — This is one I still use since it is not quite so obvious if wife or anyone else happens upon you. Again grab dick head with one hand firmly behind this head. Now put the heel of the other hand at the base of of your dick with thumb and forefinger slightly placed on either side of your dick body. Now push away from you with that hand applying pressure to base of dick with heel and slowly transitioning to hand crotch and repeat several hundred times. You can switch hands after you tire of this. This can build upper body stretch since it is actually using bench press muscles for chest and arms. If you want to take advantage of this double benefit exercise then you would of course after a bunch of reps.

I have given another variation to take advantage of the body building benefit. I push the dick to the left while pushing to the right with the left hand heel. Since I do weights 3x a week anyway this exercise I always choose on that same day so as to be sure to have 48 hrs between upper body weight (and dick) training.

In future installments I will tell you how I have modified my uncut cock to have all the looks and feel (for the woman also of course since they most appreciate the enlarged corona and delayed ejaculation afforded a cut cock not to mention vastly reduced chance of getting some sexually transmitted deseased) of a cut cock without the surgery AND how I went from a balls tight against the base of the cock during love making to ones that hang several inches below the cock and make a lovely slapping sound during fucking.

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You called it.

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