My girth workout

OK I have been doing this girth workout for a good 3 weeks now since i started back from my two week break( vacation) from PE. I am having more morning and night erections, lasting longer, staying hard and coming more times after coming. My girth has gained and that has always been my goal! I will take any length that comes but I want girth! My flaccid hang is doing great. I do get a donut effect after but not a major one, it goes away in a couple hours. If you have any suggestions to help me please feel free to post them!

My routine

100 jelqs( start completely limp and work my way up to 80% erection level
5-10 Ulis (super slammers whatever)
100 jelqs at 80-90% erection level
wait five minutes
clamp or 10-15 minutes
100 jelqs at 50-80%erection level

Should it be longer? It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete. I don’t stretch anymore and I’m starting to think that when I took my starting stats that I wasn’t 100% erect because I am staying 7” BPEL.

Start 2007: 6.75" BPEL-4.9" EGMS- 5.5" Base Girth

Current: 7" BPEL-5.1" EGMS- 5.8" Base Girth

Goal: 7.5" BPEL-6.5" EGMS- 7" Base Girth