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My frustration with my size

Your ex is a cunt.

You’re well rid of her.

Now she’s inflicting herself on some other guy.

Any woman who pulls that shit is revealing herself to be the nastiest, lowest, least-considerate, most ill-bred, and ultimately selfish douche bag possible. It doesn’t get any more rude.

Thank whatever god you pray to that you discovered this before you married her.

Now. The hard part is recovering from such abuse. Stay away from her, enjoy your time away and re-learn there’s a lot more to you than your dick, despite the FACT your dick is well above average. If she has a problem with seven inches then she’s a walking Holland Tunnel. Take a look at the things you’re good at, the people who love you, the friends who think highly of you, and what you enjoy. As much as we think cock is important, if that’s all women wanted there are dildos out there that can put any man to shame and not ask her to suck it in the process.

But they like men. Dig this from Marilyn Monroe (not Manson), the sex symbol of the 20th century:

It’s woman’s spirit and mood a man has to stimulate in order to make sex interesting. The real lover is the man who can thrill you by touching your head or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.

That wasn’t a line from a movie, it’s from her autobiography.

Do PE if you’re sure you’re doing it for yourself. Again, at seven inches you should be good for any woman, but in the mean time, focus on being the man you are and finding a woman who will stimulate your mood and spirit and will thrill you by smiling into your eyes.

The people have always some champion whom they set over them and nurse into greatness...This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.-Plato, Athenian philosopher and co-founder of Western Civilization (427 BC - 347 BC)

She may have told you she had that, but statistically that is very, very unlikely. Either she was fucking with your head or needs a ruler. Have you considered the possibility that the guy she is with now is average and she’s just telling you he’s huge just to fuck with your head?


Are you talking about a toilet paper roll?

If so, I can fit my tool in there and I am at 5 EG.

Yes, girl’s are not good with calling out exact numbers with sizes. The chances of her being with a guy even 9 inches is slim to none.

You have good size, your just dealing with an ass of a lady who is all in your head.

Did she always show traits of immaturity when you two were together?

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She was very immature. She might be just messing with my head because I know I’m not bad in bed. But she also has insecurities as well. Her vaginal don’t lubricate like it used to. Now I don’t say nothing about that because I care about her so I just suggest we use lube. But you better believe when she attacked my size I attacked her dry vagina! Now I know I shouldn’t have lowered myself to her level but she had it coming. I just want to reach atleast almost 9 bpel for myself.

You reach 9 bp, and you will be limiting your conquest percentage.

Most will run, some will be curious, some will like. I am now just over what you are, and lately I have been to much for the last 2 girls I slept with.

And one had a kid.

You aren’t small, you are on the upper end of average. I would set a goal for an inch and concentrate on doing it with patience and technique.

After that inch, see what your track record has been like with the new size before you ask for to much.

An inch both ways will give you the legendary 8 x 6, think about that.

I am going through a similar thing with my ex. And now my motivation is fantasizing about sticking my goal size in her ass. Believe me it works.

Rofl@pcopeepee. If I hit 8 inches I’d turn flips naked and post a link.

It’s like everybody says, be glad you’ve rid yourself from her. Cut off all contact if you can. Your size sounds more than adequate, so you shouldn’t even trip about it. It’s just important to keep your eye on the prize. I have two stories I can share:

1) I accidently called my girlfriend at the time the B-word, and I meant it to. She called me “little dick,” eventhough I was the biggest she’d been with. She later admitted that she was being a bitch. You see, the words don’t actually mean anything, but it’s just a way she can hit you where it counts. Chances are she’s just trying to get under your skin.

2) When I broke up with a different girl she started talking about how huge her former boyfriend was. I said something like, “Oh yeah…kinda like being hit in the stomach repeatedly during sex, huh?” She looked at me strangely, I think because I didn’t let her comments affect me. Then I said, “You’re bound to get a few of those when you’ve slept with as many guys as you have.” Then she started crying and said she wanted me back. You see, when a girl is trying to get at you by using penis size, you can’t let it affect you. At most, you have to act like it doesn’t effect you…and then cry about it later. But really, stand strong. You’ve got a lot of potential for gains here, so keep with it.

Rock Steady,

"Things are more like they are now, than ever before."

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Originally Posted by Unlucky7
Well she’s used to far above average now I wonder all those years we’ve been together was she really satisfied. She’s had 9, 10, or maybe even 11 inches in her past relationships.

11 inches?? How many men has she been with? There are probably street walkers that screw 8 guys a day that haven’t had a man with 11 inches!!

If you’ve got 7” then be very thankful because most of us would love to be starting off with that size.

One thing is for sure; you need to erase this winch from your mind. I would not expend one more brain cell on her if I were you.

Good luck!

Man.she just knew what to say to get you.. You have to do a little research on averages. Cause you got something going on if you are worried being too small with seven. You know it just struck me that you gotta be under 30 yrs old. Cause when I was growing up we didn’t have porn to compare with. I find everyone in the younger gen is so worried if they are not porn sizing. And to be honest it really is so much more shallow than it used to be. I was about 5.75 and had a few pounds on me and I still really gave my partners some good sex. They always came back. I am now 6.5 and I do feel better about myself but I am so glad that I am 40 cause if I got teared up over all that then.I can’t imagine what it would be like now. Seams like all the young girls I spoke to are size queens.

i’m more unhappy with my flaccid then my erect…Especially if i’m about to have sex i always try to make sure that i got some kind of erection or i make an excuse to go to the bathroom to stretch out a bit and smack it across my leg to make it look somewhat larger. I also hate when i cum and it turtles real bad.

I don’t give a shit about flaccid size. It’s just to pee. What do I care.

‘Any woman who pulls that shit is revealing herself to be the nastiest, lowest, least-considerate, most ill-bred, and ultimately selfish douche bag possible. It doesn’t get any more rude’. Good statement. I couldn’t add a thing.

Later - ttt

I have seen this many times here and I would like to say that doing anything in life, including pe, for anything other than pure self-improvement or pure necessity is a really bad thing. In other words, the guys out there who want to be bigger to compete with ex-boyfriends and such are really on a highway to hell.

If you want to pe for the reason mentioned above, I would suggest to forget about it untill you only want to do it for yourself. Getting pe mixed up with emotional stuff like that can be dangerous imo, especiallyto your mental well-being.

Don’t stay in touch with that silly girl unless you want her to stay in control of your life.

regards, mgus

Taped onto the dashboard of a car at a junkyard, I once found the following: "Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement." The car was crashed.

Primary goal: To have an EQ above average (i.e. streetsmart, compassionate about life and happy) Secondary goal: to make an anagram of my signature denoting how I feel about my gains

I’ve just got to chime in on this. If you are 7” and can fit snugly into a toilet paper roll then there is nothing wrong with your penis. She’s just a fucking bitch. I cannot fit snugly into a toilet paper roll and would give anything to be able to do so. Women who lash out like that are just reflecting their own insecurities. Your best bet, like others have already mentioned, is to cut that bitch off completely. You don’t need that type of negativity in your life regardless of trying to reach your goals or not. Remember.the mind is a very powerful tool and you have full control over how you and others perceive you. Kick the negativity out and you’ll reach a new level of clarity and confidence. Best of luck to you and when you reach your goals.whip it out and slap her in the face with it! ;)


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