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My frustration with my size


My frustration with my size

My frustration with my size is keeping me from successfully pe’ing. It’s because of my ex girlfriend teasing me about how she has someone with a big dick now. It’s messing with my head to the point where I’m ready to just tie it to car and have someone pull it that way. I’ve been unable to concentrate because of those comments she made!

Bitch. That’s why you’re here, grow and get her best friend.


7 11/16" ELBP, 7 3/16" NBPEL 5 5/8" EG (mid), 8 1/8 " SL

Goal : 8" NBP 6" EG (mid)

Lol.yeah that would be a laugh

I think that’s kick ass motivation. Good luck on your gains!


7 11/16" ELBP, 7 3/16" NBPEL 5 5/8" EG (mid), 8 1/8 " SL

Goal : 8" NBP 6" EG (mid)

That’s why you shouldn’t hang around with your ex girlfriend.

Unlucky7, you know what forget about her she is only trying to play mind games and they play that bigger dick because they know how much it would frustrate us just smile and let her be focus you energy on something more positive;Keep yourself informed read,ask advice and never give up, you have a goal and work on it.I can not say this or that but I do not think that you can fail…..forget about her talking about her big dick boyfriend…if he has got a big dick well done to him….you have a great dick and will be growing a new and better one and not only that,you will be acquiring the knowledge to use it….

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I appreciate your words Phenyo thanks. I’m just tried to stay focus enough to grow.

Dude she must be a real piece of work to go there. I’ve broke up with soooo many women and none of them have put me through the wringer like that. I feel for you but you should be very happy that you are rid of her. Just remember if she is saying that crap it really has nothing to do with your size at all, she’s obviously trying to get under your skin. Just cut off all communication with her is what I would do.

I’m right there with you. Every girl I seem to end up dating has slept with John Holmes apparently. Women are bad at guessing size though, and she may just be trying to piss you off too.

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What exactly is your size? I mean, unless you have a micro-penis, you should be alright. Plenty of women out there who are perfectly happy with average.

As for your ex — I think we all run into a woman who at one point or another manifests herself as a total bitch, that’s if you’re lucky - easy to get several after another!! And the way she does that is by targeting something that she knows you are or could be sensitive about, dicksize seems a popular target these days, but it could be anything. The best thing to do in that situation is to simply laugh at the silly cunt for her immature behaviour. :)

Focus on what makes you feel good, not on what makes you feel miserable. Now you can’t control what she says, but you can control what you focus on, i.e. the ball is in your hand.

Good luck!

I’m just at 7 bpel. I admit I havent been doing pe for like almost 2 months now. I’ll throw in a stretch every now and then but I get too discourage to continue. Even though I know it works. She just always knew I had a small flaccid size and not too much girth. My girth size is right snuggly fit into a tissue roll. Does anyone know what size is that approx.? I just wish I had a meatier flaccid size that would be alot more impressive.

You know, I was thinking “I hope the answer isn’t seven inches,” but I suspected that was what the “7” in your username stood for.

If you are a natural 7” then you are well above average, and seriously have no reason in the world to worry about your dicksize.

Just realise that you start where others have to work years for.

Well she’s used to far above average now I wonder all those years we’ve been together was she really satisfied. She’s had 9, 10, or maybe even 11 inches in her past relationships.

Firstly, seeing another Kansas City member, thats cool. I live on the Missouri side. You’re the first KC member I have seen so far. Second, 7 isn’t small at all. There are plenty of girls out there you will have to take it easy with, trust me I know im 7.3 BPEL. I agree with Tryingtobebig she is just trying to fuck with you head. Don’t let her. Just cut all ties and find a new girl, of which 95% will appreciate what you’re packing.

She’s had 11 inches? I just don’t get it. Finding porn stars with a 11 inches rod is almost impossible (limited to 2-3 of them), and that’s their job to have a huge one. 9 is possible, 10 very unlikely.

Be proud of what you have. Stick with your goals and you’ll eventually be around 9” too.

Again, good luck. Just pull it, there’s nothing else you can do.


7 11/16" ELBP, 7 3/16" NBPEL 5 5/8" EG (mid), 8 1/8 " SL

Goal : 8" NBP 6" EG (mid)

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