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My first step for my goal.

My first step for my goal.

Hello, great fellas.
I’m new in PE. Last year I was tricked by some brands that said
"Your penis will grow 5-10 cm after you put this oil.”
I found no results after the usage of that “enlargement” oil.
But then I found this website, learn it for awhile, and here I am.
Today I start my routine.

My status (today after the PE workout):
FL :2.44 inch
FG : 3.25 inch

My temporary goal :
FL : 3.5 inch
FG : 4 inch
EG: 5.5 inch
BPEL : 6 inch

I really hope this routine will work for me. I am really inspired by those seniors in PE.
Hope I can be like them! (2inch growth, etc.)

I am using the “newbie routine” from this web.
5min of hot wrap,
5 min of stretches,
10 minutes of jelq,
50 kegels,
And 5min of hot wrap.

I found it a little bit hard to be fully flaccid for the stretches. Is there something I can do about it? Thanks.

You can jerk off before stretching, but some advise against this.

I found using some toilet paper to strengthen my grip also takes good care of the erection problem.

Originally Posted by holyether

…. I was tricked by some brands that said Your penis will grow 5-10 cm after you put this oil….

Yep, been there, done that.

I’ve spent a small fortune on pills, creams, etc. NONE of it works as far as giving you permanent gains.
I was especially a big sucker for the so called money back guarantee. Some of these items I instinctively knew were bogus but I figured I would try it out and get a refund if it didn’t work. However, with many of these scam sites, once they have your money, you never hear from them again. Live and learn.

Good luck on your new journey.

Thanks for the support. Today I’ve done my usual routine again.
5 mins of hot wrap,
5 mins of stretches,
10 mins of jelq,
50 kegels,
And 5 mins of hot wrap.

I don’t know if it’s a good improvements of not, but today I start to feel that I can handle my erection better than yesterday.
I can make it to be fully flaccid, but for sometimes when I get erected, I just stop stretching, and wait until it’s fully flaccid again, then stretch again.
Is it good or bad?
Which one is better, just keep stretching, or just take a rest and stop for some sec until it’s fully flaccid again?

It's not enough to be a believer. Be a doer.

I do what you do as well. Sometimes I need to break to get myself fully flaccid again. It’s probably pretty normal.

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