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My first session!

My first session!

Well guys, I finally took the plunge — I started PE! I had many motivations to start doing this but the biggest one was self esteem and being able to please my soon to be fiance. I started by using the newbit PE routine that was stickied.

I did 5min of warm wrap (but I dont think it was warm enough) then
5min of the 30 second stretch. I first tried the A-stretch but instead just switched to a more common one. This went well but I couldnt really gauge how far I could pull w/o hurting myself then ~10min of jelquing but I stopped early. This was because I was starting to notice red and purple little pricks starting to develop on my shaft. I decided to play it safe and stop there. I attempted to get a measurement but I have been having a great deal of trouble holding an erection latley (and Im 21) so I can only estimate and it is between 5.75 and 6. I am trying to figure out the most honest way of measuring too.

Thanks guys for the support to start and I hope to be around for quite a while!

Digitalgm, I’m in almost the exact same situation as you across the board.

As far as measuring goes, most people here seem to use erect bone pressed measurements, as they don’t fluctuate as much with weight loss/gain. For example, if you lose 15 pounds, you don’t want to accidentally think you’ve gained 1/8th of an inch (which the reduction in the fat pad might lead you to believe). Well, at least I don’t, as I’m coming at this with a bit of a skeptical/scientific mindset.

I’m very new at this as well, but it seems the most accurate way is to simply take a hard ruler and lay it on top of your unit, pressing it firmly into the base. Sure, it isn’t the “applicable” length of your penis, but it’ll give you more consistent measurements.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we’ve both seen some great results!

Good Luck!

Don’t worry too much about measuring, but you will want your starting point. Keep on taking it slow and letting your cock get used to this new routine. Slowly, as your cock gets more and more used to it, you will be able to extend both the time and pressure you use while exercising. You are on the right track.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Welcome Digitalgm ….

You will find your penis will take an amazing amount of manual stretching without it causing any pain whatsoever.

It is interesting that the flaccid stretched measurement for me is always a little more than more erect measurement. You might try measuring both for interest sake.

All good wishes in your PE work,


Thanks guys for the encouragement and the wellwishes. I am very glad that I turned from a lurker on this board into something else :) As far as the measuring goes, what I do is what is reccomended (ie, place the ruler at the base above the penis and press to the bone) but I have found that since I have somewhat of a bow in my penis I need to pull it closer to the ruler (its transparent) and I think it squishes it so it gives me a false reading. Any ideas?

Also, any remarks of my spots? They are on the cock itself about 2.5” from the base and are about the size of a decent mark of ink from a ballpoint. They are both purple and red. Is this anything I should worry about? I read through everything for jelquing and there was some mention about spots but it said they form on the head and the larger red and purple ones are cause for a break. Thoughts?

Thanks again guys!!!

Hmm, the spots are still there…. Any cause for alarm?

The spots will go away as your cock becomes more and more conditioned to the exercises. Where they form are an indicator of where you are most sensitive to the new pressures that you go thru with your PE routine. Hot wraps before and after will aid in their disappearance as well..

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Red spots are worrying when you first get them, but they are nothing to be alarmed about at all, If they get too common, then take a rest. Its normally a good sign that the exercises are being done correctly aslong as they aren’t too big. I have had big red spots before, 3 days break gave me a small gain, so I aint fussed, haha.

Good luck with the gains, welcome to the board.

Time is valuable and so is a suitable penis, so use it wisely (your penis that is.)

I had some tiny red spots a lot of times, especially when I didnt bother to warm up properly, 3 times I had red-blueish spots of about 8 mm, they all went away within 4 or 5 days, I guess it doesnt matter

I heard about that gaining when taking a break, sounds sooooo tempting, but then again, I didnt do PE for many many years and never gained anything, so I guess, the important thing is the work, not the pause, too bad, isnt it


Are you doing some kegel eveyday ? I was having problems to keep erection longer so after doing kegel I have a very hard and long lasting erection. Perhaps you could try this. Also take some vitamins like GNC Mega Men and l-arginine supplements. It does make good, believe me.


Now: 13,9 cm X 14cm NBP

Target: 15 cm X 14cm NBP

Munchener : Good thought about the kegels. How many do you do and for how long? You say it helps you keep the erection longer? That is DEF what I need because its making everything a lot harder to do… (well, I guess its the opposite :) ). Can you tell me any more about the Mega Men and L-arginine supplements?


Thanks a LOT for the help with the dots guys. I went ahead and took a day off just to make sure and did a nice warm wrap with my session today. Certainly made everything MUUUUCH better.

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