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My first PE session

My first PE session

I got my rice sock heated up and started tuggin’ on my member. I’m officially one of you now.

I did the recommended newbie routine. It was actually fun, not like the drudgery I thought it would be. I mean, after all, I’m manipulating my penis and that’s always a good time.

It went pretty well. I used a stopwatch to make sure I gave each stage the necessary time. I did overheat my rice sock a little and I thought I was going to burn my dinkus off. Maybe I’ll cut down the microwave time to 30 or 40 seconds tomorrow.

Overall, it was an intense experience, and I can see how after a few months of this, my penis would probably get bigger. It feels good to be doing something about my situation. And with all the other lifestyle changes I’ve been making, it feels good to be getting my shit together and transforming myself into the person I’ve always wanted to be.

Thanks for all the information and encouragement!

Here’s to big cocks all around!


You’ve got mean girth buddy!


Good luck! Your girth looks good. Just keep at it! That’s the hardest thing in the world, I’ve done so many routines for around a month, then stopped or got sloppy. Just try and make it part of your life so you keep on doing it :)

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