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My first month impressions and gains

My first month impressions and gains

Hello everyone. First off I would just like to say that I am so thankful for living in a time that we do where the sharing of knowledge and ability to communicate is available to almost everyone with an open mind. I have been performing PE for about 3 years off and on, mostly off, and have in the past month or so really decided to give it a more coordinated effort. I was on the smaller than average size both length wise and girth (5.5 enbp and 4.5 girth mid-shaft). I tried some of the exercises and pumping a few years ago and was excited with some of the results but didn’t keep at it. Life and all got in the way.

I am the kind of person that likes to experiment and do things in an orderly and scientific matter. I have a Masters in Psychology and Sports Physiology and have always been fascinated in the bodies ability to adapt and grow when stress is applied. For my new start in the realm of PE I decided to do it correctly and get all of the tools and gadgets that I have seen others have good and steady gains with. So after many hours of research on this site and others, this one having the most to offer in terms of breadth of knowledge, I designed a routine that included heating the penis, stretches, manual PE, pumping, and a vitamin cream that I made. Before I go any further I realize that my understanding and experience with PE is still very limited and have great respect for the veterans on this site. I am trying to, for lack of a better euphemism, stand on the shoulders of these GIANTS.

I would also like to qualify some of my findings with an sort of background of my cock. I have been masturbating, like many, for as long as I was able. I also had at a young age a performance phobia and felt that if I was not going to be large, I could at least last a long time. So I began to try to last as long as possible when masturbating. I have over a long time gained control and can last as long as I like now. I have for the past 15 years now masturbated with a cock ring or string wrap. As many of you know this makes you very hard and the pressure on the penis can become immense. I did not realise that some of my masturbation techniques where crude or rudimentary versions of some of the manual PE techniques described in the forums here. I have stated all of this so that you will understand that my tool has been very conditioned and can withstand a lot of punishment.

I have found in quite a few threads references to understanding that your program should be yours and you must understand your limitations and abilities to recuperate after a session. Some people can take very little stress on their penis without injury and some can take much more. The more you exercise the penis, the more stress it can take, if done in a slow and gradual manner. I have also been very interested in the use of conditioning creams and concoctions to help with the before and after processes. Any way I know this post too long already so I will digress.

I will leave you with a list of my routine which has evolved a bit in length from the beginning, but has in process stayed true.

1. 5 min warmup heating pad
2. 5 min various stretches (from tutorials found here)
3. 5 min pump in 1.75 tube at 3-6hg
4. 5 min various manual jelq (I use these to help with flow of blood and for
Obvious length and girth reasons. I do these with a thin rope triple wrapped
Around my penis and testes. I try regain a hard erection at this point)
5. 5 min pump in 2.00 tube at 3-8hg
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 two to four times
7. 5-10 min cool down with some stretching and roped penis always ending
With a full erection.

I pump with a heating pad wrapped around the tube, on med., going in 1hg steps every 30 seconds ending at the highest pressure for 1 min. Then letting go of the pressure. After exiting the tube I immediately wrap my penis and scrotum with the “cock ring” rope. After completing the full routine I massage a vitamin cream I made with Vitamins a,b,e,c,and k in varying amounts.

Well there you have it. I have gained a little more than an inch in length and a bit more in girth. I am very excited for the opportunity to share my quest with everyone and respectfully request any comments or criticisms on this routine. I know that it may seem a bit rigorous for a newbie but have not had any discernible injuries or problems so far. I have only seen gains and stronger erections! Thanks for time in reading this lengthy post and for any considerations you may have.

Hi morelover, welcome to Thunder’s Place! Sounds like you’ve had a great (re)start to PE. You should definitely do well with the knowledge you already posses, and the open mind you’ve expressed in this post. I believe understanding the physiology of penis enlargement is the best way to develop a solid and safe routine that will produce favorable results. You certainly sound qualified for that task. Be sure to share any knowledge you already have on the subject - or gain during you PE venture - with the rest of us. Have fun and good luck!

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