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My first GAINS


Congrats bro!maybe i should try to jelg 3days on 1 day off since the 1 day on 1 day of doesnt seem to gime me any gains.

15/8-2005: Erect Lenght 12,5cm:( 06/9-2005: Erect Lenght:12,5cm:( 19/9-2005: Erect Lenght:12,5cm:( 01/10-2005: Erect Lenght:12,5cm:( Erect Girth:12cm

I wish I could get my dick to grow. I might change up the routine…again..Good job man.

Did you know America ranks the lowest in education but the highest in drug use? It's nice to be number one, but we can fix that. All we need to do is start the war on education. If it's anywhere near as successful as our war on drugs, in no time we'll all be hooked on phonics

- Leighann Lord

Fucking A man. Seeing my first gains after 5 months of nothing motivated me and I have been hanging 6 sets a day every day since seeing those gains. Keep at it.

Thanks for the honesty rhedik. Also makes me think I need to switch my routine a bit just to see something happening.

Originally Posted by HalfRusski

Hey Russki,

Thanks for the kind remarks!

What did you do to get your length gains in such a short amount of time? They are pretty impressive?

Originally Posted by 1morechance
6.5 is hardly small my friend.

Amazing how our perceived reality is shaped by our screwed up minds. We men have such fragile egos :)

Oh, and thanks for the uplifting remark. I could have an 8x7 and I’d still find something to be negative about. The worst of it for some of us is, even though my dick isn’t that small, the fact that I cum so damn fast just adds TONS more insecurity. But this is why we’re hear isn’t it?

hmm maybe you should try something that has helped me gain loads of confidence…. have you ever heard of the male multiple orgasm? well its not really that hard to learn. im sure the secrets kept pretty well, but it is pretty much the center of my confidence for sex. alright heres what you have to do: well you go on about sex, and then when you are feeling your orgasm you are going to want to kegel really hard right before you ejaculate … the key point in all of this is to get it at exactly the right time. my problem for the longest time was i would do it too early, and would not be able to hold myself back from ejaculating. but recently i waited a bit, and then flexed the muscle and wham .. i held all but the tiniest portion of cum back. you will notice that if you do it correctly you still have the desire for sex, and you can hold on to your wood, and keep at it!

well im not 100% it will work for you because you are not as young as i am, however im pretty sure the basic principles will still work. all you gotta do is train that muscle until its strong as hell, and you will be able to hold ejaculation back easier. i swear man its the coolest thing ever and you will love it! i will never forget after i tried it the second time (just to make sure) i ran out of my room with more confidence than i had ever had in my life. hold on to this secret guys and you will be gods among men.

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