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My first experience

My first experience

First off, hello all, brand new to this whole thing. I had tried VigRx in the past, but now that I’m better informed, I know why I saw no gains. So I guess I just popped my REAL PE cherry.

I just finished my first time doing the Newbie Routine, and I have some questions about it. But first I would like to say this site is AMAZING to me, and if I had only researched a little more in the past, I could have saved money on those pills, and could currently be enjoying my gains. Oh well, you live you learn.

First question, while doing the stretches, The down stretch I felt, and the side stretches I felt a lot, but going up, I didn’t feel anything.Wondering if this is normal or what. Also, I feel some slight soreness around the base of my penis, which i suspect is normal, but just thought I’d mention it to be safe.

Second, the jelqing I found a little difficult. I am pretty overweight, and that proposed a problem for me. My pubic fat pad is ridiculous (~2-2 1/4”), at least I perceive that as ridiculous, and it was rather difficult to get to the base of my penis with a second hand. The skin was also being pulled forward a little, which caused the fat pad and my scrotum to go even further up the shaft, which made it even harder to get my hand to the bone. This also has me slightly worried about the so-called “Turkey Neck” effect. But basically, the only way to get my hand down to the PB was to stick it behind the jelqing hand midway, and sort of grab the extra skin and push everything back, although I felt that this might be counteracting the exercise. In addition to that, I found it difficult to maintain semi erection, and had to stop several times to regain it, and I only did 5 minutes because it was so ineffective (seemingly). This could be because pubic hair was being caught a lot, so I’m going to trim down tonight and see how that goes tomorrow.

I guess, maybe more for my own assurance, I should state my goals and reasons for PE. I have roughly average size (see Sig), but it would be nice to be able to pull down my pants and get a “WOW” you know. Plus, I feel a little small in the girth area, and I know that that is more important. My main goal is to safely increase my size, mainly girth overall, but length too for now, while avoiding injury. That is so important to me, I would rather have a TINY working dick than to sit there massive and impotent. So I’m going to start easy and seek counsel in the beginning, I just hope you guys don’t get tired of listening to the minutiae of my experiences.

Well, that’s all I can think of right now. I am sooo excited anyway, I’ve been seeking this type of information for some time, and now I’ve found an unbelievable wealth of it, and for free! Although I suspect I’ll be making some sort of donation when able.

Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom.

Starting Stats: 6.6" BPEL x 4.75 EG midshaft.

First goal:7.5" BPEL x 5.25 EG.

Before you make fun of someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you make fun of them, you'll be a mile away and have their shoes.

First of all Welcome to the forum. You are not “tiny” at all, many guys around here (including me) started with smaller numbers than you are working on and managed to get great gains.

I have been overweight, thinned down , gained again and so goes the yo-yo weight issue. I will tell you from personal experience that it is easier to lose weight and recieve the benefit of some flaccid and erect gains than it is to just pull your dick bigger.

Try to stick with the jelqing if you can. It has produced safe, quantitative gains for many many guys.

Good luck


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

When I am choking my greased up chicken it dosen’t want to stay hard for the 15 minutes of my routine. So I just stop and do some recreational massaging to let it know that I still love it. Then resume the jelqing. This could happen 4-5 times during the 15 minute period.

Lose a little fat and you could get an easy inch. (Not trying to make fun) But I think it would be great to get your body in shape as well as your dick.

789: Heh, I didn’t mean I thought I had a tiny member, just that I’d rather be 2x2 and working than 10x7 and impotent. But thanks for the reassurance. I’ve always struggled with weight, and when your NBPL is like 4.4, it’s a little harrowing. Jelqs seem to be the ideal exercise for me, since at the moment I’m a little apprehensive about apparatus. Maybe I should consider Dry Jelqs, as I wouldn’t have to switch hands mid jelq, although being circumcised may pose a problem. Any thoughts?

Monument: I lost my erection that many times in 5 minutes, although maybe it’s just that it’s a new experience. Although I doubt tugging at my pubes relentlessly didn’t have a hand in it. I definitely plan to stick to the jelqs.

jack: I’m actually planning to lose weight (for real this time ;) ) so that should help, even if it’s just a motivator. Ive always measured bone pressed, so I know I’m not that small, but visuals can help.

Also, I was just wondering, would wearing Tightie-Whities all night affect growth? I saw a thread on here discounting them as a hindrance during youth, but would the extra constriction affect overnight healing, as this seems to be when growth occurs? Either way, I think I’m gonna start going commando :D

Starting Stats: 6.6" BPEL x 4.75 EG midshaft.

First goal:7.5" BPEL x 5.25 EG.

Before you make fun of someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you make fun of them, you'll be a mile away and have their shoes.

Well, something to report I suppose. I took a day off yesterday because I was a little sore and just wanted to take it easy for the first week. Today I resumed, warmed up in the shower, which I found easier, and probably more efficient for me. Did my stretches again, and despite a terribly low LOT (6), I still feel the stretches a lot in downward directions, so I’m definitely going to keep them up. Switched to dry jelqs today, and found them 100% easier. I was surprised I was able to get all the way down the shaft in one motion, as my skin is usually pretty tight. I actually do have a question or two though:

In the grip for the jelq (I use overhand OK) Is there a specific part of the grip I should focus on keeping tighter than the rest, say on the sides, or should it be even throughout?

Also, should it feel like there is a lot of pressure during jelqs, or should I just notice that there is more blood being pushed into the end? What I mean is, I notice that the blood is being pushed int the end of my penis by the fact that it’s swelling, but it doesn’t actually feel any different, like there is an abnormal amount of pressure from inside my penis. I found this odd as I am supposed to be stretching out the chambers. Although I did feel what I perceive to be the chambers in my penis with my hand, and it did feel like they were being sufficiently engorged. But then, what do I know?

Sorry if posting twice in a row in my own thread is bad.

Starting Stats: 6.6" BPEL x 4.75 EG midshaft.

First goal:7.5" BPEL x 5.25 EG.

Before you make fun of someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you make fun of them, you'll be a mile away and have their shoes.

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