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negative experience with static pulling [stretching]..

negative experience with static pulling [stretching]..


I have posted a related message below too.
As I have mentioned earlier I started stretching my penis about 5-6 days ago, 4-5 mins twice a day. I used to pull and hold for about 10 sec, in each direction, left, right, up and down and then rotate in circles.
I think it made my PC muscle weak. I can feel it. When I do kegel it feels weaker and while releasing, goes back slowly and feels as if it were fuzzed up. I also do not have firm erctions. Before, I had real good erections after I started jelqing 2-3 times a week [just started it 2 weeks ago].

Pl give me your feedback and experience. I do want to do PE but not by losing what I have. I mainly want to increase the girth by 0.5” and I will be happy. Presently my penis is 8.0 X 5.0.

Thanks all.

hey sj,

could you post your whole routine including warm up/down and days on/off, I think I might be missing something.

Stretching shouldn’t weaken the PC muscle. It can make you feel a kind of nice soreness near the base of your penis but if its causing you intense or shooting pains there is something wrong (you’re problably aggravating a nerve).

Doing PE conditions the penis (for more and greater PE :) ) but if you push it initialy you can cause yourself problems.

Do you have any history of ED prior to PE? If you are trying to have sex immediately after a PE session this is not a good idea. Its best to leave it for at least 2 hours and maybe even overnight.

Some guys associate too much jelqing with ED.

Try stopping either completely or just stretches for a few days to see if you recover.

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