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My experience so far.

My experience so far.

I started PE after my first real teenage sexual experience with a girl. The encounter did not go very well and I was left very small and intimidated. So I embarked on the PE journey of gaining length, girth and confidence with my penis. At the time of starting I remember measuring Erect Bone-pressed Length 5.8 inches. And about 4inches in erect girth, my flaccid size I felt was embarrassing.

So in my first year of PE I mainly did wet and dry jelqing, did lots of PC muscle work, kegels, flaccid stretching, warm wraps and semi-erect bends. By the end of that year I measured 7inches erect bone pressed length and about 4.9 erect girth.Flaccid length was still not much improved.

Over the past 7 years I have sporadically done the same exercises with no real commitment or routine but have come to measure last year at 7.5inches erect bone-pressed length and 5.5 inches girth.Flaccid length was greatly improved but I would still consider myself very much a “grower”.

In the past 6months since being single again I Have found inspiration to achieve my original goal of the magic 8x6 inches.
I am now 28 and feel that my penis is now “big” and I love it. The reason I am posting is because of the many years of PEing I have now discovered a few of what I believe to be original manual exercises.

Firstly can I just say that Cold-pressed Organic Wheatgerm Oil is the best oil for PE it’s very good for your skin and helps with elasticity of the not just a great feeling lube but also has benefits for PE.

I believe it is important to be able to stretch the erect penis 90degrees may take quite sometime for the ligaments to be able to stretch like this but it has great benefits including a variety of sex-positions. This in itself is a stretch exercise; laying face down, erect, penis held down between legs away from body then a series of PC muscle contractions to intensify the stretch to the ligaments. Also the more erect you are the more this stretch will work.

I also believe in “use it or you will loose it” and on the flip-side to that if you use it alot you will improve it. So I think it’s important to consider “energy” in PE and enjoy the masturbatory side to PE exercises.To truly pleasure yourself while you stretch and between your stretches increase the sexual energy does help to “expand” the tissues and cells of the penis. Obviously learning to control ejaculation then comes into play. I believe through PE alone I have learnt to be multi-orgasmic. I can orgasm whole body with no ejaculation but if I let go of my PC muscle at the time I will squirt over my shoulders!

This brings me to my gold: laying on your back, bend knees and open up the hips bringing knees toward either side of the chest, hold the base of the erect penis with one hand so that the erect penis is at a 90degrees straight out from body, if you are big enough wrap your hand around the bottom half of your penis and with your other hand squeeze and slide with wheatgerm oil up toward and over the glans (head) whilst simultaneously kegeling. The timing between the PC muscle contraction and the intense stimulation of the head is crucial. Infact, you are squeezing blood out of the head and down toward the perineum and the kegel is doing the opposite. This movement will contract most muscles in the body and push blood and energy to the reproductive system. The trick here is to grow use to the intense and sensitive stimulation of the head in this way. It may take months to get use to the feeling and to stop ejaculating. But if the PC muscle is strong you will last for hours and orgasm many times. When this exercise is mastered blood flows in and out of the penis rapidly but it remains fully erect it becomes like a heart pump for the reproductive system. You can feel the blood flowing rapidly through all veins which expand over time. I believe this to be the ultimate in PE and masturbation mix .I have gained girth and length and many orgasmic times with this exercise.

Energetically, the body and mind really responds to gestures or physical attitudes. Like a smile takes alot of muscles to perform and inturn makes you feel good. I am a strong believer in the gesture of the penis resting position should be between and behind the legs, especially when lying down. This is a gesture of penile relaxation and allows free blood flow and a gentle stretch of the ligaments whilst flaccid. This positioning daily has improved my flaccid size by 100%. It is often performed to make it look like the man has a vagina and I can understand some men recoiling at the idea, but I think thats exactly why the gesture works so well. Because quite literally the penis is √°way’and at rest. This completely solves the flaccid problem of the turtle pulling it’s head inside.

I have also worked on stretching my scrotum skin so my balls hang really low, I have had a few girlfriends really loved my balls hanging so low because they bounce nicely against their clit and labia in certain positions.

My mistake it’s BC muscle NOT PC muscle (above replacements in post)

Great gains, good luck hitting 8.

Originally Posted by adams_heart

I have also worked on stretching my scrotum skin so my balls hang really low, I have had a few girlfriends really loved my balls hanging so low because they bounce nicely against their clit and labia in certain positions.

How’s that working for you? I have high nuts and they are the size of acorns. Since about January I have been manually stretching them off and on. Starting in April I stretched them 1 or 2 times day for 5 minutes,some times I will do an extra session in the evening while watching tv, unknown time. I usually grip above the testicles until I get a couple fingers around the top then yank down. They seem to stretch farther now but they still like to retract quite a bit. But when I am really hot they got a good hang to them.

Starting BPEL= 6.7 " EG= 6.5"

July 2016 BPEL=7" EG=6.75"

Goal NBPEL=8" x EG=7"

Hey Adam could you talk about the routine you found that gave you the best girth?

Wow, the journey definitely sound’s worth it there Adam, I can honestly state that i have similar starting stats and am probably in a similar position to you when you began, this is an inspirational story and it just shows with dedication and hard work goals can be met.

I’m also interested in exercises to increase orgasmic potential etc and I must say I’m pretty intrigued by your ‘gold’ exercise. If you can elaborate on any other techniques you have found truly useful over the year’s I’m sure many of the readers will be grateful.

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