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Tensing PC, BC, and Abs. My very strange experience

Tensing PC, BC, and Abs. My very strange experience

Last night when I had an erection I decided to do some PE.

I started by tensing my PC, BC and all my abs at the same time, I did this on and off for a about 30 secs to a minute, then had an orgasm without even nearly ejaculating or touching my cock.

It was the weirdest but most enjoyable experience ever, it’s was so intense, I felt like I was a girl the way I was cumming, not like I was being penetrated or anything, but I wasn’t cumming like “take it you bitch!” or “you know you want it” (mens perspective) I was just like “OH MY FRICKIN GOD!” and flapping around like a fish out of water!

I’m scared to try it again it was so intense!

Well..that was…ummm…interesting, dongdon. :-s (dramatic pause periods, sorry if they annoy anyone. Especially you, big guy.)

Originally Posted by dongdon
I was just like “OH MY FRICKIN GOD!” <giggle><giggle>

Hey, you know, 13 yr olds aren’t allowed on this site. :D



HAHA! I’m not crazy!

I didn’t know if I could say fucking so I said fricking!

And I’m freshly 21 thank you very much

Dude, please see if you can recreate this and if you can, post up the exact technique you did.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Seriously though, if I tried that I would probably just end up taking a dump on the floor. :D

Try to do it again, and like Alrdybig said, report back with a meticulously detailed explanation of the technique.


I can’t describe it any better than tensing my PC, my BC (anus), my stomach muscles, and those ones inside my hip, all at once over and over and it just happened.

It was good but so strange and intense.

Were you watching porn? or thinking of the piece you got the night before?


Yes, can you explain this a little bit better?

I seriously just had an erection and wasn’t gonna masturbate so I just decided to do some PE.

I was tensing my PC, BC and all my abdominal ones over and over, my erection kept getting bigger and the girth went REALLY thick, then I just had an orgasm, but it was like it was deep behind my PC muscle not on my cock. I was lying down I’m pretty sure you’d have to be lying down.

I wasn’t thinking of anything apart from PE!

I wanna be able to have and orgasm like this and a normal ejaculation one, that would be heaven on earth!

I’m gonna try it again tonight and see if I can do it again

weird shit

All those muscles contracting must of touched your “prostate” gland.

Your prostate gland, can give orgasms much more intense than what your penis can give. It’s located where you described, in the back of your penis. The “inner penis” if you will.

If you we’re to, lets see, um, stick a finger up your anus and press forward toward your penis, you will hit your prostate. Research up on prostate health.

Some people enjoy having sex and their girlfriends “hooking” their anus with a finger.

Now this is not “gay”.

The prostate can create an orgasm without ejaculation, and similar to a female orgasm.

I hope to get an update from dongdon

Worked it a second time?

Almost got it there yesterday but not quite the same, it starts feeling so intense!

The only way to describe it is like the most pleasurable pain ever, if I figure out anything more rest assured I will post it up.


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