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My experience as Newb, what now?

My experience as Newb, what now?

Ok, so about 4 months or so ago, I started as a complete beginner, and of course started with the JP routine and for a month or so, stayed on course. Then as my comfort level grew I explored a little and added/modified some things to help me achieve exactly what I was after. What I was and still am after is a bit more girth and an extra inch or so in length. For the girth, I of course jelqed a good bit, more so than stretches. Well with that came the hard vein (posted a pic when it happened) and with that came the BB sized ball at the base of glans. That booger stayed for several weeks and had me nervous enough to stop completely, except for heat. Over the timeframe of those several weeks it finally subsided while I was home on leave. Now that I’m back with all the me time in the world, I wanna start back but really don’t know if I should or not.

- What’s the likelihood of it happening again?
- Will it lead to something worse?
- What should be overall concerns be?

The only pain I felt was if I applied direct pressure to the ball or when jelqing and pressure was on the vein itself. The vein would appear from to top center near the base and run along going down the right (looking down from the top) to the right side of the glans. I only saw it when I jelqed , and it was there regardless of the level of erection I had. I never done fully erect jelqs, I was always at the recommended erect level(s).

I want that extra size and I’m willing and have to put in the time and effort, but I don’t want to jack ole boy up.

As for my wife’s enjoyment while on leave, She was very pleased and she instantly saw a visual difference in it. The physical enjoyment was also very immediate!! It was a honeymoon all over again and we’ve been together 20 years.

Thanks in advance for any help guys.

This may end up being moved, if need be that’s fine.


Hi whiskydik,

Welcome to Thunders Place, it sounds like what you had was a blocked lymph vessel. If you do a search you’ll find some threads on how to deal with them should one happen to go that way again.

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