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Growers and newb program

Growers and newb program

Right. I’ve read a few articles around that indicate that there are two types of penises. One is those dudes who are classed as growers. These dudes have a small flaccid size penis, but when erect their penis grows a lot and is normal/above average. The other type of dudes have penises which are medium/large when flaccid and when erect they don’t experience such a change in the size.

I’m just wondering if this is true. Because I believe I am a grower, I.e. At present when flaccid my penis seems to be around 2.5-3inches long and when erect it is about 6.1inches. Girth increases even more, it is about 1inch when flaccid and about 5.3 when erect. Anyone on the forums experience such increases?

Now I’ve been reading around the forum a bit. Mostly right now I want mostly gains in the flaccid state, because I mean I get cussed out and tuned I have a small penis. I hate it. How can I improve flaccid length and girth most? I have never done any form of PE before. Except maybe tried a random stretch or so, now I know I did it totally wrong and could have injured some nerves or something. Should I just stick to the newbie routine?


Really there are growers (medium or great difference between flaccid and erect) and showers (none or little difference). Personally, I am a mixture about growers and showers :p .

Being you a newcomer and a new apprentice, I suggest you to stick strictly to newbie routine, and NOT to adopt advanced routines before about 6 months or more (they are focused for some particular results and targets, but need more experience and a more conditioned and a used-to-effort penis).
Don’t be in a hurry, everything has its own time …
Please read carefully FAQ, guidelines, exercises’ explanations, tutorials etc… Search function is indeed useful to see previous users’ messages.

BTW welcome!

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Jelqing will make your flaccid grow both ways in less than two weeks so start with the newbie routine. That’s what happened to me and most of the PE-ers on this forum.

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Did the articles contain any studies? If so, I would be very interested in reading them. I post here about an incomplete study I did, and it only partially agreed.

Penis more elastic is better to PE

My penis grows almost 5 inches, so your increases from flaccid to erect aren’t abnormal.

However, I don’t really know what your asking.


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