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My begin again routine.

My begin again routine.

I did PE off and on for a few (4-5) months a few years ago but ended up quiting. I stopped because when I would start to make gains I got excited and I swear you’ve never seen a person yankin as much as I was. Hmhm. I would NOT leave it alone. Thus I would lose my gains from way overtraining. Discouraging to say the least. Anyway, when I started at that time I was 4.5 bpel and 4.5 eg. Since then I have done PE here and there, nothing regular. I have been back at it now for 3-4 wks. When I started this time I measured at 5” bpel and 5” eg. Currently I am at 5.5” bpel and 5.25 eg (at base). Also at the base It used to be much thicker than at the glans, probably around .5” difference. I’m glad to say the thickness has become much more consistent along the entire length. So, I believe things are moving along quite well.. I am trying not to get too excited it’s working because that’s when I get myself in trouble. Here is the routine I have been doing:

5-10 minutes hot shower/massaging
A few minutes light stretching up, down, side,side,out
15+ minutes jelqing (no more than 20 depending on how it feels)
10+ minutes edging (or until interupted)

Also I tend to edge more at different sporadic times. If I have free time or whenever it’s convenient. This is all I’ve been doing.
I would also like to add that one of the best pieces of advice I have heard is that you should not apply any more pressure to your penis than you would to an egg. Ever since I have applied that idea jelqing has become so much more pleasant and enjoyable. It’s a favorite activity of mine. If I found out tomorrow it would not make my dick grow, I would still do it. Hmhmhm. Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions on anything I should or should not be doing please let me know. Thanks guys!

Also I’d like to add that I do this routine 2 days on, 1 or 2 days off. Sometimes I’ll do 3 days on. If I get any negative PI’s I stop for a few days and begin again when negs are gone. Anyone see any problems here?

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