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My Bad PE story, now better.

My Bad PE story, now better.

Hey guys, I finally got in!

I measured out at 5.25” erect last March and maybe 4.7” in girth. Lets just say I stumbled across this website, and just went directly to hanging. No warm up or anything, just started hanging 4lbs, then 6lbs, and then 7lbs within about a month a half(All about 3 sets of 20minutes). I gained a half inch in length, and about .2” in girth.

Then one night I hung 10lbs for my final set for about 20 minutes. After that I couldn’t get an erection for several weeks. I had a really firm flaccid penis. Eventually I could get a really crappy erection maybe 70% but it would fade away really soon. I tried a week off, then some jelqing with warm ups, some stretching, but no luck.

This got really depressing. I basically just stopped for the past month and a half with PE and any masturbating. Then all of the sudden I started getting my morning wood back even though I couldn’t get a good erection still. And now I am extremely pleased to report that all of the sudden I can get a 100% good long lasting erection within the past 5 days. It looks like I haven’t lost any length from my gains, and it all works again. I still have a slightly firm flaccid penis, but I think mine has always been like that.

I am really happy to share my story, I would be interested in any of your guy’s input on this. I am unsure on how to re-start PE, and will probably hold off for another month to just be sure.


Hey, BMashina

Congrats on being able to sign up for TP. Hanging as a beginner is quite a stress on your penis if you’re new to PE, from many accounts I have read.

Since you haven’t PEed in over a month and half, you inadvertently gave yourself a De-conditioned break. You should really start slow with the newbie routine or try the linear newbie routine (NEW newbie + advanced routine).

Good luck.


Thanks for sharing, this can be useful for all newbies.

Out of couriosity, which kind of hanger you used?

I understand the enthusiasm and I hope all newbies stumble onto this thread and heed the warning - start with the newbie routine!.

Glad to hear you healed up okay. For firm flacid try some firerolls. I do them throughout the day along with regular massage to keep the blood flowing between PE sessions.

Good luck!

I used the homemade hanger made out of a paint mixing stick found on tom hubbards website or something like that. Probably not the best thing to use.

Never heard of firerolls, thanks for the suggestion!

Also, I will definetly be starting with the newbie routine, I think I am going to start at half of the recommended reps for everything just to be on the safe side.

Originally Posted by BMashina


…… started hanging 4lbs, then 6lbs, and then 7lbs within about a month a half(All about 3 sets of 20minutes). I gained a half inch in length, and about .2” in girth.


3 sets daily or 3 sest for two sessions daily?

My apologies, I can be terrible at explaining things.

I would do sets as they would fit into my schedule. Maybe 3 sets of 20min 4-6 times a week. Way too much.

Thanks BMashina.

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