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My 2nd day.questions

My 2nd day.questions

Hey.I had much help yesterday on this forum.Thanks again.
With my disability (M.D).I found several of these exercises may be too difficult.SO.after trying many I found that a series of just pulling and holding in several directions, then doing the “you” shape in several directions seemed to work alright.I was wondering if this combination would do me any good? Is there anyone else who only does this?
Is there much chance of a good gain? I found Jelqing is too difficult for me.



I’m with you on jelqing- I could never get the technique right and always ended up with a hurt wrist or a bad donut.

Sounds like you are doing a stretching routine I’d do some reading on peoples stretching routines and start out slowly. People have made gains with stretching. Find a good routine and stick with it it’s really hard at first because we were all skeptical and I believe remain so till we see our first gains.

I’ve found the key to gains is dedication which I have really lacked but have still managed to clock some gains. Another about gains is they are hard to see if you don’t keep track- make sure you are measuring but don’t measure too much I’d say once a month is good.

Good luck and welcome to thunders.

Hey Random,

I am new here as well, but have been “jelqing” informally for years out of habit. I guess you can call it jelqing. No one ever taught me, it just seemed like something that might work. After I piss I pull steady and hard in a few directions for 20 seconds, then zip up. I do jelq a little jerking off and during the course of sex. 10 seconds here and 20 seconds there sure add up if you make a daily habit out of it everytime you play with your toy. I am sure through the course of a day I put in about 20 mins at least of total tug time.

When I did discover wet jelqing about 4 yrs ago, I tried it and found it to be lots and lots of work. I think my approach has been better for me and I am not complaining about what I have in the trou these days. So as I do not know for sure, I can say that gentle jelqing probably does have a mild effect on length and girth. I believe it has for me.

I just wanted to say that in my opinion hardcore yanking and tugging is not something I see as a positive way to approach extending ones wanker onto full fledged hugeness. A year of hitting the gym everyday will produce far less result over the course of one’s life than 20 sit-ups and 1/4 mile run everyday for 50 years. Besides, Jelqing, abrades the skin, breaks capillaries and causes an awful pink/purple discoloration that can last for days. I think gentle coaxing is more in order over the long haul. I mean if I was to stretch my ear lobes do I jam the biggest gauge earing in there or yank on it daily? No. We do not want to cause trauma, we want to cause stretch of existing tissues. Besides internal scar tissue is a bitch to stretch; more so than normal tissues. My plan is realistic, slow, gentle and precise.

I am not here to add inches to my cock, I am here to practice healthy exercises for the purpose of maintenance that seemingly have a side effect of lengthening my penis. Just like working out at the gym you feel good most importantly, but you look good to.

As your arms cannot handle the workout, then another approach is in order. Light weights, manual tugging when ever you can and possibly a Uli here and there to supplement long session jelqing. To be honest I almost completely avoid wet jelqing and occasionally will do it while jerking off. If an when I do it in earnest it is only for 10 mins or so. Otherwise, I make little to no effort to lube up and go for it.

Good luck to you.

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