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2nd year PE birthday!!

2nd year PE birthday!!

Hello Guys,

In April 2000 I started PE. Thru BP site/forum and later new free forums introduced . I tried to find out my way to gain inches! Doubts but proven results! How many hours did I spent for PEing? A lot, but I tell you I really enjoy it, I do it 5 to 6 days a week early in the morning before to take my shower. I like to massage my sexe…And I continue!! I have gained very good girth and lenght in flaccid and when erect. Totally EL I gained 1,5 inch and my final target is 2” to reach 18 cms EL (7,1” EL). Even my wife noticed results and she enjoyes it!! . This changed my life, personality and so on.


Good work siberia45! Keep at it.


Shall I continue...?

Good point….I only intend to do “maintenance” routine! and If If I continue to gain EL/EG whynot. I do it 30 mn per session! To get a 7” EL dick w/ over 5,2 EG isn’t bad. Fine for myself!! I started at 5,50” EL, with low EG. I knwo, we can debat about this!! but this isn’t my goal. Who can argue to go over 2” EL? Tough honnestly.



No fuckin’way your gonna quit if the gains are still coming and your wife is appreciative of your efforts unless you finally get to a point that further gains will cause her discomfort. Happy pe anniversary,and congrats on your gains

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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