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Mushroom Head

Mushroom Head

Does any have any exercises for getting a mushroom head, I read about it a while back but can’t remember where it was.

Enlarging the glans/head with PE is difficult because that’s where a lot of important things (eg. nerves) are kept. Direct contact during PE is generally avoided.

You should get some enlargement of the glans over a time through normal jelqing though. Kegeling is also a good bet.

But, you should be aware that if your penis shape is like mine (a “rocket shape”, thick at the base and thinner at the head), that will probably be the way it stays for life. You can read my How much does base girth matter to women? thread for more information on why this isn’t a problem however. :)

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

Progress Report

I agree with oratom but would like to add that Ulis help for enlarging the head. Remember that they are advanced and that a really big head limits you blow jobs.

Has anyone made good head size gaines

I have a small head and I do some head exercises for it. I have seen a little inprovement but I am wondering if it’s possibly for me to grow it to the size of a normal head or not because I read someones post that head exercises don’t really work. Has any one made good head size gains? What was your routine?

My glans seems to expand a lot when I do a kegel before each dry jelq, but I can only do it a few times as there seems to be to much pressure.

Eat alot of mushroom and you will get a mushroom head. :D

What is kegel?

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