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Multiple Ejaculations

Well, in the Rutgers research case, it’s six cums in six minutes!

Is it good to carry on masturbating after ejaculation, if yes how do you do it because my piece becomes very sensitive and I barely can touch it let alone masturbate again.

Originally Posted by Ngkkh
Well, in the Rutgers research case, it’s six cums in six minutes!

I remember that study. He was a total fluke among men, and his semen output dropped with each successive ejaculation. But, what fun to be able to do that.



I can ejaculate that quickly, but usually my arm tires out before I get to the second ejaculation. Instead I can hold a orgasm for 4+ minutes. :D

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How do you do that goingfor8at?


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Very, very carefully.

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I can do multiple ejaculations sometimes as well. I’m sure part of it is that I am young, but I have only managed to do it a dozen times or so, but I am not usually trying to do it, just sometimes when I am bored or if I come too soon. What I do is relax my penis right when I am cumming and try to trick my penis into thinking that it didnt just have an orgasm (thats what I think at least). Then right when I am about to ejaculate I cut off most of it by kegeling hard and long, and then I keep masturbating. Some of the trigger zones on my dick will feel really sensative and weird for a little bit, but then it goes away rather quickly and I can keep going. Sometimes it will be a little hard to get back to maximum hardness, but its not too bad. My record is 3 ejaculations in a row with no break whatsoever. Haha by then I was just bored!

What Random said. Just get to the point of no return, except you kegel REALLY hard and stop doing anything until it resides, then continue, and so on.

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I can't stand Diet Coke. Does anyone know where I can see pics of a girl with a regular Coke can up her ass? - Chad66 (:

I used to be able to do it when I was 17 (my record is 4 straight). I think it was because I didn’t last very long back then and was VERY excited about having sex. Now I last much longer and have less desire to continue once I have once.

I’ve come to realize that if I masturbate and come really close to cumming then stop and work may way back up to it again and repeat this 5-10 times, I stay fully hard after cumming and it’s kinda annoying because I can’t get it down after for a while.

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Yeah the thing is after you have your first ejaculation its much harder to get off the second, third, etc. You actually have to try much harder and push yourself to the PONR to come at all if you dont want to last forever. That applys to me at least.

Man I am dead after one ejaculation and have absolutely no desire to keep going. In fact I have been kegeling a lot lately and can hold in ejaculation, and half the time I don’t even bother continuing to achieve actual ejaculation because my dick has had enough. Hopefully that will be different during sex though.

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You should definitely try it on your own for the first few times, Its kind of tricky to suddenly master all of a sudden unless your especially lucky. The only reason I ever try is if I’m making sure I can still do it, or if I came to quickly and I want to make up for it (even if it is with myself ;) ).

Damn I had opposite effects with this. I kegeled as hard as I could and held it in for maybe 5 seconds until it was too much and my ejaculation just kind of fizzled out as opposed to propelled. I had no orgasm either. Damnit! Should I be stopping earlier or holding longer?

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