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Multiple Ejaculations


The book helps

I got a question for who ever can do this. I can bust 6 or 7 times but my first load is 6 ml and the other ejaculations are not even close to the initial one. Now my question is for the people that can bust the same amount multiple times. How much is your ejaculate? I mean if you guys are really shooting 6 ml or more each time one after the other, my mind can’t comprehend it. But if the amount of semen is much smaller and that is constant every time then I can understand. So whats the volume of ejaculate you multiple ejaculators are shooting?

I can bust out multiple orgasms too, like 4 or 5 in 10 minutes. When I was 16, I managed to do 15+ in one night. I couldn’t walk right for a week. The second orgasm consists of only a small 2ml or so cum. The third, like 30 seconds later, consist of only 1 drop to none. The rest are always dry orgasms unless I wait half an hr.

I don’t think anyone’s body can produce a full load in a short amount of time- like 3 minutes. For those who claim to cum equally hard on their second and 3rd orgasm, maybe their first couple shoots were half assed, so they had some leftover semen stored up in their sac still.

I’ve had three sets of ejaculation within a few minutes; and I once did seven on one day, and was completely exhausted (spent) for days. Can hardly imagine even one more, like Bird’s eight in one day. When binge-jacking, I’ve had a few five-eruption days; and also a few all-day lovemaking sessions that have had three, four, five spurting orgasms.

Except for my seven-in-a-day, all other multiple ejaculation days have come after a week or two-week long course of cultivation — saving my load and taking lots of herbs and supplements, and eating specifically to build my load every day (including lots of watermelon and watery vegetables).

I don’t think these kinds of binges are healthy. After shooting a lot I can notice the effects for several days, even weeks. Lower energy, especially. I can return to full volume of semen quickly, but hardness or sensitivity of erection can take longer to recover.

Read about my machine-gun shot (spurts shooting out twice as fast as normal) in this thread: Is it possible to continue after first ejaculation?

Twice during sex I’ve come and just kept going. I didn’t take a break at all either time. A guy at a job I had a while back said he’d done the same thing once too.


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