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Morningnightly wood

Morningnightly wood

I used to get morning/nightly wood all the time just out of nowhere. Since I’ve started PEing it has reduced a lot.I read in a thread that this means that your routine isn’t good? Is that true?

It could mean that or that you are overdoing it. I had the same problem a while back and took about 3 days off before starting the same routine again and haven’t had any problems since. Just try a couple of days away from PE and see if that helps. One of the vets here can probably halp you out with some other reasons it could be.



I think ndk has got it right. I don’t know what your routine is, but you are probably doing it with too much intensity, or too long, or both. It’s common with guys just starting up to go overboard a little, looking for quick results, but this is a long process and you must be patient.

You can either take a break, or reduce the time or intensity of your workouts, depending on where you think you are overdoing it. Remember, PE should feel more good then bad and you should go for a healthy look at the end of a workout, and the ability to finish a workout with an erection.

I’d love for my morning woods to stop, because its such a pain having to wait for it to subside before going to have a shower, be it a home or in uni, because it pokes through even my dressing gown!

But then again, loss of morning wood is often signs of a problem, so yeah, lower the intensity or take a break. It could just be that a little break is all that’s required for you penis to “catch up” with what you’ve been doing to it recently and then be ready to take it all better.

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