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Morning wood analysis

Morning wood analysis

My morning wood isn’t at the angle it used to be and I’m not sure it’s as rock hard as it used to be. Is that a sign of poor circulation?

What does morning wood teach us about blood flow and penile health?

Any idea?

I think our morning wood is a sign that either we are fine or their may be issues. I realize that age does play a role, but with proper diet, a healthy PE routine, proper hormones levels, etc, your cock should continue to wake up before you.

Are you curently PE’ing? Did you notice an improvement after you started PE, and it has gotten less since?? Lot’s of factors here to consider…

I have only been at this a short while but my morning wood is back and better than ever. PE has definitely made a difference for me.

Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6

Nocturnal erections occur during REM sleep. In a normal sleep cycle REM occurs mostly between 4 AM and about 7 AM. These erections occur via the parasympathetic nervous system, rather than the sympathetic. One function of the sympathetic system is to continually inhibit erections. (Good safety reasons for this: during the day when we’re out gathering food or hunting in the woods, erections would get in the way or could get injured more easily than if we were flaccid; I would guess that social prohibitions would factor in here, too - in how the sympathetic nervous system evolved.). During REM sleep, the sympathetic nervous system is “turned off” and so nocturnal erections occur more or less spontaneously.

As Haha said, there are lots of reasons why yours could shift. Take a look at your PE routine. Are you maybe overstressing your cock? Also, it is very possible that you are for some reason now waking more slowly out of REM sleep than you were. The REM stage fades off, the erection fades, too, but you are not quite awake yet when that happens. When you do wake part of that particular erection cycle is already complete.

It is also very common that life stresses diminish the natural cycle. Take a look at how your life is going right now. Any major issues?

It is also very normal for all of us to go through periods, even of a couple weeks, when morning wood just isn’t there like usual. Don’t worry about this unless you are waking up flaccid over a long period of time. If you wake with a partial, odds are that you had several very firm erections previously that night and just weren’t aware of them.

Yes, hormonal levels play a part in the nocturnal erection cycle (4 - 5 each night, lasting about a half hour each). However, the odds are very much in your favor if you are relatively young that you don’t have a hormonal problem; the odds are still in your favor that the problem is not hormonal if you are middle-aged. Hormonal insufficiency or imbalance is not a common factor in erectile dysfunction.



I’ve posted here earlier and I’ve done damage to my dick from erect jelqing and I’m not sure I ever healed properly. I’ve lost a lot of length and girth, especially around my base. I think that I might have damaged blood vessels which might contribute to weak morning wood.

I’m not so confused at the lack of strength as I am the lack of erection angle. It seems to me like it’s now always at 9 o’clock rather than 11.

has it not fully healed because you started PE’ing too soon? if so lay off the PE till your dick is completely healed. Who cares if you make it huge if it doesn’t work.

How do I know when it is completely healed?

Does morning wood represent blood flow to the penis?

Any erection, no matter when it happens, results from blood flow into the penis.

Erect jelks are dick-poison for those who are not conditioned to them. Lay off them. Give yourself a rest. By next week you should be normal again.

By the way, you sound like you might be type who will now obsess about morning wood quality. Don’t. Don’t even think about it. It’ll all come back.



Originally Posted by mgoblow55555
How do I know when it is completely healed?

Does morning wood represent blood flow to the penis?

If in doubt take a longer time out.

You only have one dick- better safe than sorry.

I always heard morning wood was due to a full bladder constricting the flow of blood out of the penis. I can’t jelq due to wrist problems. I almost never wake up with wood but whn I need it, and all too often when I don’t, I get an erection.

I don’t have morning wood for few month .I don’t know What is the reason ..

Is there any thing wrong with this ?

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