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More newb questions

More newb questions

Hello everyone, another happy newbie here, ready to ask more stupid and obvious questions. Yay!

Well, I should probably start off with an intro, so I don’t seem rude.

Names Decaf, 20 year old gay male, living in beautiful sunny Southern California.
Completely new to PEing; and this Forum.

I’ve messed around with pumps, but only as part of a kink.

I’m uncut and my current measurements are:

Erected length: 6 inches
Erected girth: 6 inches

Flaccid length : 4.6 inches
Flaccid girth: 4.25 inches

And on the note of measurements, my question arises.

What are all the abbreviated measurements, such as ‘NBPEL’ and ‘BPEL’, and what is the correct way to get them?

Are there any other important measurements that I should keep track of ?

>>>‘NBPEL’ and ‘BPEL’, and what is the correct way to get them?

Non-bone pressed erect length is when you stick a ruler atop your dick and see how long it is. Bone-pressed erection length is when you jam that ruler into your skin till it presses against pubic bone. The “Search” function is your friend on these forums ;)

The “correct” way to measure for PE purposes is to figure out how to absolutely maximize your erect measurement. Bone press hard, press the erection down to parallel to the floor, flex your hips just the right way, etc. That way, if you notice a larger measurement later, you’ll know for sure you actually gained and didn’t just get “better” at measuring :)

Welcome to the forum.

6X6 is even more of a, “can of creamed corn”, shaped penis that I had when starting!

Welcome to Thunders.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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